WWE Diva Legend Rushed To Hospital Before Raw

Eva Marie is no longer a WWE Superstar. The All Red Everything star returned to the WWE after a long hiatus but was released soon after. It’s funny that the superstar that never held a title in the WWE had to be brought back only to be released later.



WWE creates superstars who are always in the news. Eva Marie is in the headlines because she had to spend her labour day in the emergency room due to a fire ant bite. Eva is allergic to fire ants, and she went into gardening before the fire ants decided to attack her as a tag team.

The number game took over Eva Marie, and she had to submit to the fire ants. These ants gave her some bites that could be similar to the chops one receives inside a wrestling ring. Fortunately for Eva, she didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction like she did during her first run and got helped by a towel and a WWE official.

She worked through the tag team attack and rushed to the nearest medical facility to seek help. An anaphylactic shock can be fatal for some, as it is instant and involves various factors alongside allergic reactions.

WWE re-hired Eva Marie after continuous vignettes of her return showed up on Raw. She returned to WWE TV in June before being released in a cost-cutting effort on November 4, 2021. There’s no news on whether she will return to the WWE now that the new regime holds control.

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