WWE Diva Legend Selling Underwear On eBay?

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch, currently serving a 17-year prison sentence after a fatal three-car crash in 2022, shared peculiar encounters with fans seeking to profit off her name during a recent interview on the BirdsCallLive podcast.



Sytch, facing the consequences of her DUI conviction and despite efforts for an appeal, disclosed a bizarre fan interaction where someone requested her personal ID to sell on eBay. Sytch promptly declined this unusual request. Even more astonishing was another fan’s audacious plea for Sytch to sign her underwear for sale on the online marketplace, a proposition firmly rejected by the former wrestling star.

In the midst of her legal troubles and incarceration, Sytch’s revelations shed light on the strange and inappropriate requests she has to deal with from fans attempting to capitalize on her notoriety. Despite her challenges, Sytch remains strict in maintaining boundaries and refusing to actually partake in such unusual requests.

“One girl asked for my personal ID, for me to sign it, so she could take it home and sell it on eBay and I said ‘no,’ and then another girl, believe it or not, has the balls to ask me for my underwear. She wanted me to sign my underwear, so she could bring them home and sell it on eBay. I told her that was absolutely not going to happen.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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