WWE Diva Pregnant With Top Star’s Baby

Candice LeRae is pregnant with Johnny Gargano’s baby! See the photo below.



As many of our readers are well aware of, WWE basically gave away stars so that AEW could take them. Heck, even Vince McMahon stated that maybe WWE could help out AEW by cutting their roster down a ton. As it seems, AEW are doing very well with their roster that hosts many former WWE stars and will continue to host such as 90-day clauses start to dwindle down. Now, just who could be the next one from WWE that will make a huge statement in AEW with a title match? Roman Reigns Tells Top WWE Star To Retire.

Bronson Reed is someone whose name hasn’t come to light in a bit. It looks like he is out for someone we all know very well as his Twitter recently had a very eerie and in-depth message that many tried to decipher.

Don’t worry though, we made sure to decipher the message so we can tell you just what Bronson has in store for this AEW favorite.

On Bronson’s Twitter he put out the following message which didn’t seem to make much sense at first glance: “Grinding In Violence Every Match Every Moment Is Reality Of … course.” Very odd. It all becomes clear when you take the first letter of each word in the message and make it into a full sentence, however.

When we do this, the message is right there: “Give Me Miro.” The former WWE NXT North American Champion is ready to take on Miro for that AEW TNT title.


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