WWE Diva Reportedly Gets AEW Name Fired

The former WWE star Toni Storm recently got backstage personnel fired in AEW. It seems that sometimes some backstage personnel might creep out the talents backstage. The AEW President Tony Khan recently announced that the Women’s Owen Hart Cup will kick off Wednesday. He teased that a new name is set to compete against The Bunny in the qualifying match. A recent tweet from @JDfromNY206 asked fans to guess if that wrestler would be former WWE stars Ember Moon or Toni Storm. Then an interesting story popped up.



Toni Storm allegedly caused firing of the backstage worker

Someone revealed on the tweet that Toni was allegedly present backstage at Rampage on Revolution weekend, so she could very well be the one. Another inquired the legitimacy of the news. Then it was revealed that the person was there and Toni got his coworker fired over some silly reason.

It was reported that:

“She told security he was following her and he was just looking for the bathroom backstage. One wrong turn will get you f-cked over I guess.”

Apparently, that worker was only searching for the restroom backstage and it seemed to Storm that the person was stalking her. Toni informed the security and got the worker fired. It was a truly unfortunate incident for the worker as he lost him job in the company.

Storm was let go by the company as she had asked for her release. She is now having a great time outside the ring. She launched an OnlyFans account which is earning her huge load of money.

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