WWE Dubbs Out Cody Rhodes Chants from RAW Last Week, Note on Jeff Hardy

– Despite being forced to leave WWE as a result of his loss to CM Punk in a Steel Cage rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship ten days ago, the WWE website still has yet to remove Jeff Hardy’s profile from the SmackDown roster page. For the record, he is no longer under contract to WWE as his contract expired several weeks ago, though he agreed work a few additional dates to tie up storylines.



– The very audible “Cody” chant that took place at the conclusion of last week’s episode of RAW was dubbed out in favor of “Cena” chants on A.M. RAW over the weekend.

If you recall, Randy Orton performed the RKO on RAW guest host Dusty Rhodes despite helping him double-cross John Cena. Though Cody Rhodes was initially angry about Orton’s attack on his father, he reluctantly did nothing.

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