WWE Considering Three New DVD’s Including One on UFC’s Brock Lesnar

– We noted a few months back that WWE had a “To Be Determined” slot listed for this November on their planned list of DVD’s for 2011. According to WWEDVDNews, WWE is considering DVD’s on three major subjects for that slot – Edge, UFC star Brock Lesnar and War Games.



Regarding the Edge DVD, it would be his second DVD as WWE released Decade of Decadence back in 2008. Since that one was a match compilation, the next Edge DVD will likely be a documentary feature on his career.

The War Games DVD set would be a “Best Of” format, showcasing the NWA/WCW tradition from 1987 until 1998.

WWE also may be looking to capitalize on the popularity of Brock Lesnar by releasing his second DVD by them. No word yet on how much of a chance the new Lesnar DVD by WWE has of making it to stores, but it is being considered internally right now.

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