WWE Elimination Chamber: The Miz, Vickie Guerrero, Kelly, Trish, LayCool

– We go backstage with Todd Grisham, The Miz and Alex Riley. Miz says he will address The Rock at a later time. Miz says he will win the WWE Title match against Lawler tonight and says the RAW Elimination Chamber winner will lose to him at WrestleMania.



– We go to the ringside area and we hear “excuse me” from Vickie Guerrero. She’s not as loud and hyper as she usually is. Vickie comes to the ring. She says SmackDown suffered a horrible tragedy when her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler was fired. Vickie says it may be true Dolph attacked Teddy Long but she’s here to explain. Vickie says she and Dolph were dealing with serious issues. The crowd boo’s and Vickie starts to get mad. Vickie says Dolph has an uncontrollable temper and he was confused. Vickie says Dolph was just showing her how much he loved her and instead, committed a crime of passion. Vickie assures us Dolph is sorry. Vickie pleads for the WWE Universe to convince Teddy Long that he needs to give Dolph a second chance. Vickie says she deserves some compassion and love. Vickie begs the fans to convince Teddy. Teddy’s music hits and out he comes to the stage. Teddy says Vickie is embarrassing. Vickie says she and Dolph are sorry. Vickie says Teddy looks amazing and it’s so good to see him. Vickie asks Teddy to re-hire Dolph. Teddy says he is in a hiring mood. Teddy says he has not hired Dolph back but has hired someone to personally thank Vickie for her time as acting General Manager. Kelly Kelly’s music hits and out she comes to the ring. Vickie offers her hand to Kelly for a shake. Kelly kicks Vickie and attacks her. Kelly mounts Vickie. Michelle McCool and Layla run down, beating Kelly up and kicking her out of the ring. They follow her to the floor and whip her into the fan barrier. McCool with a big running knee to the face. Trish Stratus runs down and chases LayCool off. Trish tends to Kelly. LayCool come back over and throw Trish into the ring. Trish fights them off. Trish jumps on Layla with right hands. McCool decks Trish but Trish fights back. Trish with a big kick to the head on McCool. Layla is up top. Trish brings her down to the mat with a head scissors. Trish with a double bulldog on LayCool. Kelly and Trish celebrate in the ring as LayCool roll out to the floor and regroup.

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