WWE Ex-Champion Return On SmackDown Spoiled

According to a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite, Shinsuke Nakamura is expected to make his return to WWE television in the next few weeks on Friday Night Smackdown. It was noted that he might be on this week’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown as well, which will feature a Triple H announcement.



The Guerrero family is currently in a state of turmoil due to a serious accusation leveled against Vickie Guerrero’s current husband by Eddie Guerrero’s youngest daughter, Sherilyn. Sherilyn accused her stepfather of sexually assaulting her during a cruise just before the COVID pandemic. This accusation has left the family divided, with Vickie and her husband at the center of the controversy.

Chavo Guerrero was one of the first family members to speak out in support of Sherilyn after she made the accusations public. Vickie Guerrero also addressed the situation, but her controversial statements only served to further alienate her from the public.

Now, Eddie Guerrero’s older daughter Shaul has spoken out in support of her younger sister and confirmed that the assault did take place. In an Instagram post, she expressed her sadness at the state of her family and acknowledged that the incident had caused further damage to their already tumultuous relationship.

Shaul confirmed that what Sherilyn had said about the incident on the cruise was true and that it had been traumatizing for her. She clarified that while it was not rape, it was unwanted touching and was absolutely unacceptable. Shaul explained that the incident had caused a deeper wedge in the family and that they had all sought therapy in order to heal.

Despite Sherilyn’s claim that the family had abandoned her after the incident, Shaul clarified that this was not the case. The family had gone to therapy, and Vickie and her husband had also helped Sherilyn financially. Shaul acknowledged that this did not solve the wounds, but emphasized that Sherilyn had not been abandoned by the family after the incident.

The Guerrero family is currently facing a difficult situation, but it is clear that they are united in their support of Sherilyn and their efforts to heal and move forward.

“I am deeply saddened at the state my family has been in for years. What my sister stated happened on the cruise was true. She did get SA’d by my stepfather. SA is NEVER okay and she has every right to talk about it. Was it r*pe… no. But it was unwanted touching which is absolutely unacceptable and traumatizing.

This incident tore an even deeper wedge into our family than was there before. My mother and sister have had a deeply tumultuous relationship for years, same with my sister and I. After this incident on the cruise, we all went to various forms of therapy in order to heal.

My sister has led the public to believe we abandoned her after the SA which is not true. The family went into various forms of therapy and Mom & Kris helped Sherilyn get on her feet again by helping her financially, as they have done for Sherilyn since she was 22. Does this solve the wounds – absolutely not, but she was not abandoned after this incident.”

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