WWE Executive Buries ‘Moron’ Fired Employees

Mark Carrano has been a controversial figure since his WWE ousting. Carrano was the former Head of WWE Talent Relations until it was revealed that recently released WWE female superstar Mickie James had her belongings sent to her in a trash bag. Mark Carrano knows Vince McMahon’s ‘dark secrets’?



In a follow-up to this story, a member of the WWE Universe and former acquaintance of Carrano took to social media via Twitter to post a series of shocking allegations towards the now-former long time WWE employee.

These allegations range from how Carrano would allegedly play head games with the woman, whose name is Deborah Simmons to how he would introduce her as his fiancé and how he told her that he loved her after three days.

In addition, Simmons’ allegations towards Carrano also include the fact that he yelled at her for not answering her phone despite being at a funeral, giving her a short 48-72 hour notice to book a flight to see him which required five days. Also, stating that Carrano reportedly stated that he told Simmons that everyone working in the Talent Relations department is a ‘moron’ and lamented the fact he couldn’t take a ‘real vacation.’ This would likely include people who were fired along with Carrano. Simmons’ full series of tweets can be viewed below.


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