WWE Fail To Hide Ronda Rousey Smackdown Botch

Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair’s pretaped Smackdown contract signing botch was not hidden despite an alternate camera angle, as seen below.



WWE Elimination Chamber premium live event is set to take place on Saturday, February 19 and keeping that in mind WWE taped this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown after last week’s live show. This week, the roster traveled to Saudi Arabia for the event. The fans will catch the tonight’s episode of SmackDown on FOX. WWE taped this episode one week ago from New Orleans. You can check out the spoilers for the episode below:

WWE SmackDown spoilers revealed

The face-to-face segment between Roman Reigns and Goldberg kickstarted the show where there was no fighting, but rather the two just exchanged words.

Then, Ricochet went on to clash with Sheamus where the former picked up the huge win. What surprised many, is the fact that in the next match, Sami Zayn challenged Shinsuke Nakamura and the former went on to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. In another match, Ivar defeated Jimmy Uso

There was also promo segment with Drew McIntyre, Madcap Moss, and Happy Corbin. There were also extended promos for the Elimination Chamber match and the Universal title match between Roman Reigns and Goldberg.

The show ended with a contract signing between the teams of Ronda Rousey & Naomi and Charlotte Flair & Sonya Deville. Adam Pearce hosted the signing. The teams exchanged words until Rousey threw the SmackDown Women’s title at Flair. The four ended up in a brawl, with Rousey slamming Flair’s face into the table and Naomi kicking Deville in the head. The show ended with Rousey & Naomi flipping the table on Flair and Deville, eventually clearing the ring.

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