WWE Fan Arrested During Rhea Ripley Match In Video

WWE shows have audiences and sometimes these audience members can go out of control. It happened during a recent episode of Monday Night Raw. Rhea Ripley faced the situation but thankfully nothing happened to her during the show.



The Eradicator was supposed to take on Shayna Baszler during the show. The bout involving her ended in a disqualification. Zoey Stark, Nia Jax, and Raquel Rodriguez joined the bout post match. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce was forced to make a match for the WWE Women’s Championship at Crown Jewel involving the other members in the post-match altercation.

According to Ringside News, a fan was taken away by law enforcement authorities as Rhea Ripley’s theme song played in the background. The reason behind this is unknown as of this writing, and no one knows if the fan was arrested or just escorted out of the building.

There have been instances where fans have been taken away from live shows due to their behaviour or performance as the show was on the air. This isn’t the first instance and neither can we say that this will be the last. We would keep you posted in case there is an update to this story.

What do you think would be the reason behind the fan taken away by law enforcement authorities? Sound off in the comments.

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