WWE Fans on How Sting Will Respond to Triple H, Renee Takes Charge on The JBL Show, Top 10

– When JBL can’t be found, Renee Young takes matters into her own hands on the latest episode of The JBL Show:



– Below are the top 10 moments from Thursday’s WWE SmackDown:

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans how Sting will respond to Triple H’s challenge for WWE Fast Lane – I fully expect Sting to answer The Game, live and face to face, at WWE Fast Lane. I can’t wait to see this confrontation!, Sting’s a man of mystery who will only appear when Triple H least expects it — which may not be at WWE Fast Lane, Sting won’t show. I think we’ve seen the last of WCW’s Franchise Player in WWE or No matter when or where, I just hope Sting responds with his baseball bat in tow!

After several thousand votes, 50% of fans fully expect Sting to answer the challenge while 25% are just hoping that Sting has his baseball bat.

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