WWE Fantasy Matches That Never Happened, Former Diva Says She Retired

– WWE posted the following video looking at the top ten fantasy matches that have never happened:



– Former WWE Diva Maxine is up for FHM magazine’s contest to send a female model to Los Angeles to be featured in a set of posters plus a FHM test shoot. She’s currently #2 in the voting with 110 votes. Her bio mentions that she just retired as an entertainer from WWE:

“I have just retired as a entertainer in the WWE after 4yrs to pursue other goals. Have experience working in front of a live audience internationally. Experience with scripts and promo skills on a weekly basis, and was able to grow strength in improvisation skills, was used in the WWE for my promo and character skills. I also was very lucky to grow a large fan base internationally. Being Spanish, Cuban, Italian and Hawaiian I’m able to play a lot of different looks.”

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