WWE Fatal 4 Way Results – June 20th

– The 2010 WWE Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view opens with a video package for the WWE Title match tonight. We shift to a video package for the World Heavyweight Title match and Kane’s revenge for what happened to The Undertaker.



– The pyro explodes inside the Nassau Coliseum as Michael Cole wishes us a Happy Father’s Day. Cole says 5 WWE Championships will be on the line tonight and we go to the arena.

– Vince McMahon comes out to the stage and says he hates to start the show on a somber note, but RAW’s General Manager Bret Hart will not be here tonight. Vince shows us why and replays the NXT car crash from Monday’s RAW.

Vince says he will be meeting with Bret’s representatives later tonight to see what his role will be from now on and what action he will take against the NXT Rookies.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

Drew McIntyre comes down to the ring for tonight’s first match. Vince McMahon stops Drew on the stage, shakes his hand and gives him some words of encouragement. Drew walks to the ring. We see Vince getting in a limo in the back. Drew takes the mic and tells Teddy Long that Vince McMahon said he must come out right now. Out comes Teddy Long. Drew insults him as he walks to the ring. Drew tells Teddy to sit at ringside and when he wins back the Intercontinental Title, Teddy has to hand it to him. Out comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

Kofi looked angry coming out, and the referee had to hold him back during the introductions. Kofi immediately began throwing kicks at the legs and body at the bell. McIntyre fought back with punches and threw Kofi down by the hair and stomped his head. They slugged it out, then Kofi hit a monkey flip and a dropkick. Kingston clotheslined McIntyre to the floor. Kofi hit a tope, then rolled him back in the ring. McIntyre rolled back out, then clipped Kofi’s leg as he came out after him. Back in the ring, McIntyre threw Kofi shoulder first into the ringpost and got a two count. McIntyre pounded Kofi with forearms, then pulled him across the ring apron and pounded him across the chest. Kofi kicked Drew from his back, and they fought on the outside, with Drew whipping Kofi’s arm into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, McIntyre got a two count, then applied an armbar. Kofi armdragged out of it, then slid under McIntyre, but Drew hit him with a shoulderblock. Drew stomped the arm, and Kofi tried to fight back, but Drew stomped him down in a corner. Drew flipped Kofi to the mat with an armwringer, then applied a overhead wristlock. Drew yanked Kofi to the mat by the hair and continued to work on the arm. McIntyre mocked Kofi’s “Boom” claps, and it allowed Kofi to throw some kicks from the mat, but Drew pounded him back down. Drew returned to the armbar, but Kofi fought up and went for a sunset flip. Drew tried to punch out of it, but Kofi moved and Drew punched the mat. Drew came right back with a kick to the injured arm for a two count.

Drew clotheslined Kofi twice in the corner. Drew went for a short-arm clothesline, but Kofi floated over it and hit a DDT. Kofi elbowed Drew, then hit some kicks to the legs. Kofi punched Drew in the head, then hit a series of chops and a dropkick. Kofi missed a clothesline, then Drew missed with one and Kofi rolled up Drew for a two count. Kofi hit a reverse bodypress out of the corner for a two count, but Drew hit the arm again and delivered a neckbreaker on the knee for a two count. Drew went for a slam, but Kofi floated out of it and hit a legsweep. Kofi hit the Boom Drop legdrop, then began to clap. Drew backed away from the Trouble In Paradise kick, and backdropped Kofi to the ringapron. Drew hit some punches and went to back suplex Kofi into the ring, but Kofi shifted his weight and landed on top of Drew for a two count.

Drew hit a running kick on Kofi, then went for the Future Shock DDT, but Kofi broke out and hit a Tornado DDT off the middle rope. Drew got his foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. Kofi mounted Drew in the corner for punches, but Drew walked out of it with a powerbomb on Kofi for a near fall. Drew complained about the count. Drew picked up Kofi off the mat, but Kofi hit the SOS for a two count. McIntyre tripped Kofi into the turnbuckles, but Kofi grabbed a headscissors. Drew stood up in the headscissors and threw Kofi into the referee, knocking him out.

Drew threw Kingston shoulder first into the ringpost and hit the Future Shock DDT, but there was no referee to count. McIntyre tried to revive the referee, then went outside and threw Teddy Long in the ring, demanding he make the count. McIntyre even ripped the shirt off the unconscious referee and ordered Long to put it on. Long did so, and McIntyre made the cover. Long counted two, then stopped and shook his head no. The fans chanted for Long. McIntyre glared at Long, and backed him in a corner. McIntyre told Long he needs to count him, or he would “drop him.” McIntyre went to pick up Kofi for another DDT, but Matt Hardy ran in from the crowd and gave McIntyre a Twist Of Fate. Long just watched. Kofi then gave McIntyre a Trouble In Paradise kick and Long counted the pinfall for Kofi at the 17-minute mark.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– We go backstage where Savannah interviews The Hart Dynasty about competing in a 6-person match tonight, so soon after their Uncle Bret’s attack last week. Natalya and Tyson talk about beating The Uso’s. David Hart Smith says on Father’s Day today, they fight for Bret.

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Divas Title: Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve

We go to the ring for tonight’s Divas Title match. Out first comes Maryse, followed by Gail Kim, Alicia Fox and finally the WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres.

The bell rings and they all go at it. Alicia gets a quick 2 count and Eve gets a 2 count on her. Another 2 count on Eve here. It’s all over the place as the Divas go at it. Eve fights off Maryse and Alicia but gets dropkicked. Alicia and Maryse double team Eve in the corner. Gail comes in and gets a nice submission on Alicia from mid-air. At the same time, Eve locks an arm submission on Maryse. Gail stops and breaks Eve’s submission. Gail with another submission on Maryse. Alicia breaks this and puts her own submission on Maryse.

More submission holds here. Maryse fights off Gail. She dumps Eve and Gail over the ropes. Alicia and Maryse have words now. Alicia shoves Maryse and they go at it. Maryse drops Alicia with a kick for a 2 count. Eve comes in for Maryse but Gail dropkicks them both. Gail spears Maryse in the corner and hits a dropkick from the top. 2 count for Gail. Gail hits Eve in the corner also and fights off Alicia. Gail gets dropped on the ring apron. Eve and Maryse go at it now. Eve counters and hits a neckbreaker. Eve hits a moonsault from the top for a 2 count when Alicia breaks the pin up. Alicia drops Eve, steals the pin and pins Maryse for the win and the title.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Alicia Fox

– We go backstage with Rey Mysterio and Big Show walks up. Rey says he is going to become World Champion again tonight. Big Show says Rey is a man of faith but some obstacles are too big for him. Show says they are friends and he respects him but if he has to knock everyone out tonight to win, including Rey, he will. Rey says as big as Show’s fist is, his heart is bigger. Big Show goes to talk and the segment cuts off.

Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

We go to the ring where Chris Jericho comes out for an un-announced match. Jericho takes the mic and says that everyone over 25 knows he is the reason they still watch WWE and anyone under 25 is the reason they watch now. Jericho says now he is no longer the hot topic of WWE. He says even Wade Barrett is getting more attention than he is. Jericho says himself hasn’t been making an impact lately. Jericho says he has always been the underdog and now he’s at the top of the mountain and everyone wants to knock him off. Jericho says he is the most important performer on this roster and the greatest Champion of any generation. Jericho says Evan Bourne is trying to make a name off his. Jericho says he challenged Bourne to a rematch from RAW for tonight. Jericho says Bourne’s career is going to fade out tonight. Out comes Evan Bourne to a nice pop.

The bell rings and they go at it. Jericho works Bourne over out of the corner and taunts him. Jericho misses a clothesline and Bourne takes him down with a head scissors. 2 count by Bourne. Bourne continues the offense until Jericho hits a big clothesline. 2 count by Jericho. Jericho works Bourne over some more in the corner. Jericho chants from the crowd now. Jericho misses a running attack and ends up on the floor. Bourne leaps high in the air and lands on Jericho. The ref begins to count as they come back in the ring. Jericho with a shot to the chest and a dropkick off the ropes.

Bourne falls to the floor and Jericho comes out after him. They come back in the ring with Jericho in control. Bourne comes back with kicks and chops but Jericho dropkicks him again for a 2 count. Jericho with a big kick to the back and a headlock on the mat. Bourne counters a move and starts kicking Jericho. Bourne with a kick to the jaw. Bourne knocks Jericho back into the corner, dropkicks him and gets a 2 count. Bourne with more kicks. Jericho ducks one and hits a nice dragon suplex for a 2 count.

Bourne drops Jericho for a 2 count. They go back and forth. Jericho counters a roll-up and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Bourne fights out and makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho argues with the ref while Bourne recovers. Jericho knocks Bourne off the apron and back onto the floor. Jericho slams Bourne’s head into the announcers table. Jericho runs but Bourne counters and sends Jericho head-first into the steel steps. They both get back in the ring. Bourne hits the knees from up top for a close 2 count.

Bourne with more kicks. Jericho counters, drops Bourne on his knee and gets a 2 count. Jericho misses the Lionsault and Bourne kicks him in the face. Bourne goes for the Shooting Star Press but takes too long. He misses. Jericho hits the Codebreaker but only gets a 2 count. Jericho is yelling at Bourne to stay down. They go back and forth now. Bourne with a 2 count. Jericho goes for the Walls again. Bourne grabs Jericho’s neck and turns it into a tornado DDT. Bourne goes to the top but Jericho stops him. Bourne tries again but Jericho stops him again. Jericho goes for a superplex but Bourne knocks him to the mat. Bourne hits the Air Bourne on Jericho’s back for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Evan Bourne

– We get promo videos for the World Heavyweight Title match, mainly Kane’s revenge on everyone for what happened to The Undertaker.

Fatal 4 Way for the World Heavyweight Title: CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

We go to the ring and out first for the next match comes Big Show, smiling and slapping hands with the fans. CM Punk’s music hits next and the fans pop. Out comes Punk, Serena and Luke Gallows. Out next comes Rey Mysterio to a nice pop, followed by the World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger.

We get formal ring introductions for the title match before the bell rings. They go at it. Show knocks everyone down and chops Swagger. Punk jumps on Show’s back. Show and Swagger go at it while Rey and Punk go at it. Rey dumps Punk out to the floor. Show tosses Swagger over the top. Rey and Show face off in the ring. My cable goes out for a minute. When it comes back on, Swagger is working on Rey’s knees in the ring. Belly to belly suplex by Swagger for a 2 count on Rey. Swagger works on Rey on the mat now. Rey fights out of a submission and drops Swagger on the ropes. Rey goes for 619 but Punk comes in with a crossbody for 2.

Punk throws Swagger to the floor and works on Rey in the corner. Punk with a backbreaker and a 2 count. Swagger comes to the apron and Punk goes at it with him. They trade shots in the ring now. Punk keeps Rey in one corner and Swagger in the other. High knee by Punk on Swagger. Rey blocks a high knee. Punk goes for a back suplex on Rey. Swagger comes over and double back suplexes both of them. 2 counts on Rey and then Punk. Swagger goes for the gutwrench powerbomb on Punk but gets kicked in the head. Rey goes for 619 on Punk but Show grabs him and throws him headfirst on the outside. Show comes in the ring and unloads on Punk and Swagger. Show hits splashes and a big double clothesline. Show is left standing in the ring. He goes outside and brings Punk in. Rey hits a 619 around the ringpost on Show. Punk comes over and takes out Show on the floor. Rey hits a senton on Swagger but gets kicked out of mid-air. Punk comes in and nails the GTS on Swagger. Kane’s music hits and out he comes.

Kane pushes the casket to ringside and hits the ring. Kane shoves Punk out and chokeslams him into the casket. Kane tries to shut the casket door but Punk puts his leg up. Luke Gallows comes down and drops Kane. Gallows helps Punk to the back. Kane chases off after them. In the ring, Mysterio hits 619 on Swagger and the senton for the pinfall, the win and the World Heavyweight Title.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

– After the match, the new World Champion celebrates with the fans at ringside as his music plays.

– We go backstage with Josh Matthews and WWE Champion John Cena. A bit of a mixed reaction for Cena’s name. Matthews asks Cena if he’s worried about the NXT Rookies tonight. Cena says the Rookies have solidified the line between us vs. them. Cena says they are ready for the Rookies to show up tonight. Cena likes to think the RAW stars have an unspoken agreement that they will stand united against the Rookies. Matthews asks about Cena’s Fatal 4 Way match tonight. Cena says he isn’t going out there to lose but anything can happen in a Fatal 4 Way. Cena says whoever leaves WWE Champion tonight is going to have to earn it.

WWE United States Title Match: R-Truth vs. The Miz

WWE’s United States Champion The Miz comes out first and takes a mic. Miz talks about R-Truth coming out rapping next. Miz says he re-wrote the lyrics. Truth’s instrumental plays and Miz raps his own lyrics, replacing “What’s Up?” to “The Miz.” Miz is rapping about himself here. R-Truth is out next, rapping and dancing to the ring.

The bell rings and they go at it. Truth knocks Miz down with a shoulder and they have words. They lock up again and go back and forth. A “Miz is Awful” chant breaks up. They run the ropes and Truth knocks him down. Miz goes to the floor. Truth comes out and knocks Miz down again. Truth brings it back in the ring and gets a 2 count. Miz comes back with some kicks and knocks Trth to the mat. Miz stomps on Truth and there isn’t much going on here.

Miz applies a hold but Truth fights out. Truth hits a big hip toss. They fight on the apron now. Truth slams Miz into the turnbuckle and drops him with a right hand. Truth turns around and Miz pushes him off the apron and to the floor. The referee begins to count. Truth comes back in at 9 and Miz starts stomping away. Truth gets up and Miz comes back fighting in the corner. Miz beats Truth down in the corner. The referee checks on Truth again and asks him if he can compete. Miz charges in the corner with the clothesline and gets a 2 count. Miz with a body scissors now.

More back and forth here. Miz drops Truth with a knee to the ribs and puts his foot down on Truth’s head. Truth fights back now but Miz drops him with a shoulder. Miz with another submission hold. Truth fights back again and backdrops Miz. Truth with a 2 count. Miz with more kicks on Truth and a suplex. More of the same in this match with punches and kicks. Truth drops Miz on his face for a 2 count. Miz goes for a superplex from the top but Truth knocks him off. Truth with a dropkick from the top. Boring chants in the crowd. Truth hits two clotheslines and drops Miz on his face again. Truth hits the Flatliner but only gets a 2 count. Truth hits a nice suplex into a stunner but still only gets a 2 count. Truth charges but Miz drops him over the ropes. Miz hits a nice backbreaker and neckbreaker combo for a 2 count. Miz misses the running clothesline in the corner and gets stuck. Truth hits a scissors kick on Miz. This match is just dragging on. 2 count by Truth. Another 2 count by Truth. Miz throws Truth to the apron. Truth goes to the top rope. Miz comes up to the top with him. Truth knocks him to the mat. Truth misses a crossbody. Miz comes in but Truth rolls him up for a 2 count. Miz misses a kick to the face and Truth rolls him up for another 2 count. Truth counters a move and goes for a roll-up but Miz stops the roll-up and pins Truth for the win. Finally.

Winner: The Miz

– We go backstage to Todd Grisham and Edge. Grisham asks him about the main event tonight. Edge talks about Sheamus, Randy Orton and John Cena’s state of minds tonight. Edge brings up Orton’s injury. Edge says there’s only one thing going on in his head – walking away tonight as the WWE Champion.

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos and Tamina

We go to the ring and out come WWE’s Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty with their partner Natalya Neidhart. The Uso brothers with Tamina are out next. The bell rings and Natalya starts out with Tamina. They go at it good with back and forth action. Tamina tags in Jey Uso and in comes David Hart Smith. Smith takes Uso to the mat for a 2 count. Uso fights back and they go into more back and forth. 2 count by Smith again. Smith on the offense now. Big belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Smith puts Jey in the corner in a tree of woe and tags in Tyson Kidd for some double teaming. Tyson with a 2 count.

Lots of back and forth action. I believe the other Uso is tagged in, maybe not. Tyson gets thrown to the floor. Uso goes for dive on him from the ring but Tyson kicks him in the head. Tyson back in the ring with a 2 count now. Nice moves here by Tyson as he fights off both Usos on the apron. Uso ends up on the floor. Tyson jumps on his back but gets caught. Jimmy Uso hits a Samoan Drop on Kidd into the fan barrier. Uso goes back in and tags in Jey. 2 count on Kidd. Kidd fights out of a headlock now but gets dropkicked by Jey. Another 2 count.

More offense from Uso here. A couple of 2 counts on Kidd. Kidd gets suplexed and put in a chinlock by Uso. Uso brings Kidd to the corner and tags in his brother for some double teaming. 2 count on Kidd. Another tag. Jimmy goes to the top and drops a big knee on Kidd. 2 count by Jimmy. Kidd continues to take offense from the Usos as Tamina laughs. Uso goes for another Rikishi splash in the corner but Kidd moves. Kidd goes for a tag but Jey knocks Smith off the apron. Kidd drops Uso. Natalya and Tamina come in and go at it. Natalya with a big elbow and a snap suplex. Another suplex by Natalya. Dropkick to the back by Natalya. Natalya with a Michonoku driver and a 2 count as Uso breaks the pin. Smith comes over and knocks Uso to the floor. Tyson leaps onto the floor and lands on Smith and both Usos. Natalya and Tamina go at it. Tamina hits a Samoan Drop and climbs to the top. Tamina misses the big splash from the top as Natalya moves. Natalya with a big spinning clothesline for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Natalya, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith

– We get a promo video for tonight’s main event.

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena

We go to the ring for the final match of the night at 10:08pm EST as Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring to a big pop. Out next is Edge followed by Sheamus. Out last is the WWE Champion John Cena and he gets a big pop also from the crowd. They do formal ring introductions and here we go.

The bell rings and they all go at it. Edge and Sheamus get dumped to the floor. It’s Orton and Cena in the ring. They face off and the crowd gets behind it. Orton swings but Cena ducks. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton counters. Orton goes for an RKO but Edge pulls him to the floor and they fight on the floor. Sheamus decks Cena and they go at it in the ring. Sheamus beats down Cena in the corner and in comes Edge. They double team Cena now

The beatdown on Cena continues. The crowd is great with dueling chants of some kind here. Sheamus drops Cena with a big clothesline and poses. Edge rolls Sheamus up from behind for a 2 count. Sheamus and Edge go at it. We see the RAW stars watching the match on a screen backstage. Edge puts a boot in Sheamus’ face and hits a clothesline off the second rope. 2 count for Edge. Cena comes back but Edge throws him high over the top rope and to the floor. Edge goes to the top but Orton comes in and knocks him down. Orton stomps on Sheamus and goes back to Edge, punching him on the top. Orton goes to the top but Sheamus hits him from behind. Sheamus tries to powerbomb Orton out of the corner but Orton fights him off. Edge goes for a crossbody but lands on Sheamus for a 2 count. Edge ducks an Orton clothesline and kicks Sheamus to the floor. Orton sends Edge out and he’s left alone in the ring. Cena comes up to the apron and Orton suplexes him in.

Orton starts stomping on Cena and working the various body parts. Dueling “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants here it sounds like. Sheamus comes in and decks Orton. Sheamus and Cena trade blows but Cena counters and knocks Sheamus back into the corner. Cena with a fisherman’s suplex. Cena goes for the AA but Sheamus counters. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker for a 2 count.

Sheamus misses a spear from Edge. Cena with a rollup. Orton comes in and clotheslines Sheamus. Orton brings Sheamus and Cena back in the ring with the double second-rope DDT. Orton with a 2 count on Sheamus. Edge comes in and kicks Orton in the head. It’s Edge and Cena in the ring now. Edge goes for a spear but Cena moves. Cena with the bulldog and a shoulder block now. Cena with the big backdrop and the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge.

Orton comes in and lays out Cena, dropping him on his neck. Orton with a clothesline and a powerslam on Edge. Orton gets hype now. Sheamus comes in with a kick but Orton ducks it. Sheamus throws Orton to the floor and starts stomping on Edge. Cena comes back in the mix now but Sheamus works him over. Cena dumps Sheamus over the rope and to the floor. Cena drops Edge with a right. Cena brings Sheamus to the apron but Orton pulls Sheamus down and he hits the apron. Cena goes down as well. Edge knocks Orton off the apron. Edge turns around and Cena locks the STF.

Edge crawls to the ropes but Cena pulls him back and reapplies the hold. Sheamus comes in the ring and breaks the hold. Sheamus covers Edge for 2. Sheamus works over Cena on the apron now with elbows to the neck. Sheamus dominates the match now with everyone laid out. Sheamus goes to slam Edge but Edge counters. Cena goes for the AA on Edge but he blocks it. Orton hits the RKO on Cena and gets a 2 count as Sheamus runs in and pushes the referee. Cole says this is No DQ. Orton kicks Sheamus out of the ring. Orton turns around to a spear from Edge. Sheamus comes in and hits the big kick to Edge’s face. Sheamus with a 2 count on Orton.

Edge pulls Orton’s leg and brings him out to the floor. Orton drops Edge. Sheamus charges Orton and Orton throws him into the announcer’s table. Orton goes for an RKO on Edge but he blocks it. Edge spears Orton into the fan barrier. We see the RAW stars watching the match backstage. All of a sudden they get attacked by the NXT Rookies. It’s The Harts, Evan Bourne and R-Truth. The Rookies destroy the set and trash the TV. They head to the ring it looks like.

Cena is the only man standing in the ring. Apparently Michael Cole went down when Orton threw Sheamus into the table. Lawler helps Cole now. The NXT Rookies invade the arena and start trashing things. They hit the ring and Cena nails Darren Young with the AA. The rest of the Rookies come in the ring and start the beatdown. Edge pulls some to the floor but they beat him down too. The rookies stomp Edge down. In the ring, Sheamus takes advantage and pins Cena for the quick win and the WWE Title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Sheamus

– As soon as the bell rings, Sheamus runs off through the crowd as the new WWE Champion. Cena stands up in the ring and the Rookies begin to lay him out with their finishers. Gabriel even hits the 450 Splash. We see Sheamus on top of the stage posing with the WWE Title. The Rookes run off after him to the back. We see Orton, Edge and Cena all laid out. There has been no commentary for a long time now. Fatal 4 Way goes off the air at 10:35 EST time with Cena laid out in the ring and Edge and Orton on the outside.

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