WWE Female Star Direct Message To Elon Musk Leaks

Elon Musk seemingly trying to learn some tips as he continues to tease a fight with Meta’s Mark Zuckerburg.



The X (formerly Twitter) owner, who recently caused a stir with his major Twitter rebrand, could be on a collision course with the Meta chief after they appeared to agree to a cage fight back in June.

The tech rivals have continued to take digs ever since, and now Elon has given fans a hint at his own game plan for the potential scrap.

He replied to an X post by WWE from Saturday’s SummerSlam event, which saw champion Roman Reigns face his cousin Jey Uso in a match branded Tribal Combat.

The WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson logged onto X and she posted a suggestion for Elon Musk. While attaching a video of her famous Tush Push move in a WWE ring, Torrie Wilson gifted that move to Musk against his fight against Mark Zuckerberg.

‘‘Hey @elonmusk I’m retired from @WWE but would like to gift this finisher to you. It’s called the Tush Push. Please use it on Zuck. 😜🤣’’

Elon Musk has not answered Torrie Wilson yet, but odds are he saw the post on his social media site. After all, X has become a majority of Musk’s life at this point, as he is trying his best to make a profit after he bought Twitter and then rebranded it.

‘That’ll get you banned on Instagram and Facebook,’ joked one of her followers, while other fans have been wondering what Elon’s own WWE finishing move would be called.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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