WWE Female Star Drops Girlfriend Bombshell

Current WWE authority figure Sonya Deville was previously involved in a stalker case. Back in August last year, Phillip A. Thomas II was arrested for stalking and breaking into Sonya Deville’s home with plans to abduct her.



Thomas was charged with Aggravated Stalking, Armed Burglary of a Dwelling, Attempted Armed Kidnapping, and Criminal Mischief.

Since then, Deville had to go through several court hearings and depositions, with the latest update saying Thomas was found incompetent to stand trial. Alexa Bliss & Roman Reigns Get ‘Bad’ Text Message

Deville recently spoke to Variety,  but couldn’t discuss her experience from that night and the follow-up but plans on helping other performers and people with her story once the trial has concluded.

She said:

“So the trial hasn’t even begun yet. We’ll probably be dealing with that for the next sev­eral months. But I will definitely speak on it once it’s all legally wrapped up. There are things that I want to say that I think could help performers, and just people in general, in the future,” she said.

Deville was removed from WWE programming after the incident. It was done after she lost a Loser Leaves WWE match to Mandy Rose at SummerSlam 2020.

She made her on screen return in January and became a new authority figure alongside WWE Official Adam Pearce.

Sonya Deville opens up about having a girlfriend

Deville got her break with WWE since her days in Tough Enough in 2015, where she came out by revealing she had a girlfriend.

She said:

“I honestly thought that was going to hurt my chances of get­ting hired. That’s just how naïve I was. I didn’t accept myself, so I didn’t think anyone else was going to accept me.”

She is currently a authority figure in WWE but we will see if she makes her in-ring return anytime soon.

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