WWE Filming New Movie with Batista, WWE HOF Update and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– WWE will be filming most of the NXT show segments around Tampa and at the FCW gym, aside from the matches taped on Tuesday nights. This comes as a blessing to Steve Keirn, who runs FCW, since WWE has paid for a lot of upgrades to the gym and to the production equipment.

– It appears that the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame will be headlined by Stu Hart, inducted by Bret and Ted DiBiase, inducted by his sons Ted Jr. and Brett. WWE is flying the entire Hart family in from Canada for the Hall of Fame and the DiBiase family will also likely be in attendance.

– As noted before, WWE will begin working on a movie called Killer Karma soon. The movie has a $10 million budget and will be released in theaters, starring WWE Champion Batista. The movie is about a guy being released from prison, presumably Batista, who is trying to get his life in order with fate, friends and enemies getting in his way.

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