WWE Fire Big Names To Steal AEW Stars?

Kevin Nash, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, shared his perspective on the recent roster cuts made by WWE. He suggested that these releases were part of a broader strategy to provide the company with flexibility in acquiring new talent.



During the Kliq This podcast, Nash mentioned specific releases like Dolph Ziggler and Rick Boogs, expressing surprise at their departures. He speculated that WWE might have made these cuts to create openings for the signing of new talent. Notably, Nia Jax was brought back to RAW, and the company had recently signed Jade Cargill.

Nash’s view is that these talent cuts were not solely about reducing the roster but rather a part of a larger restructuring effort. He also alluded to creative aspects of the company undergoing changes, suggesting that WWE is making strategic moves to refresh its talent pool and creative direction.

The wrestling industry often witnesses shifts and changes in roster composition, and these decisions can be driven by a variety of factors, including business strategies, creative directions, and the pursuit of new talent acquisitions.

“Dolph and Rick Boogs, they were two guys who I was like, ‘wow, really?’ I think they brought Nia Jax back on RAW, and they just signed Jade Cargill, so I think they’re just opening some spots to move some people. I don’t necessarily think that the talent cuts were, you don’t just cut talent and then sign two new pieces of talent. I think they’re restructuring, and creative is also restructuring.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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