WWE Fire Several Popular Stars After Merger

WWE was recently taken over by Endeavour and as a result of this takeover, many people from Stamford, CT office were future endeavoured. While the rumor mill stated that there could be cuts in other divisions too, no one had heard anything except for the fact that one hundred people were let go by the WWE in one day.



I am longer working with WWE.

I look forward to the future.

Thank you,


According to Ringside News, Mustafa Ali recently tweeted that he is no longer a part of the WWE. It comes as a surprise as there’s no news about it from any wrestling journalist that keeps a tap on the happenings in the WWE. Ali never got the push on the main roster, and the same continued during his time in NXT. Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Top Dalla, Riddick Moss, Aliyah, Elias, Emma and Rick Boogs have also been released by WWE, with more likely coming.

The talented superstar couldn’t get his due, and after the recent tweet it looks like he may be gone from the company. It would be an utter loss as the wrestler has the potential. He can be a valuable asset to any promotion and letting him go without utilizing his potential is not a good sign.

There was a time when the speculations ran high that he may be the person masked as the hacker in a storyline on SmackDown. The storyline was cut short after some time, and no one really knows if it was him or someone else in the role.

There’s a strong possibility that this tweet maybe a part of a storyline for Mustafa Ali. Ali dropped the cryptic tweet, and made an error saying at first that he is working with the WWE. He then sent out another tweet stating that he is no longer with the WWE.

No longer*. Sorry for the confusion.

It could be a part of his storyline in NXT and one would have to wait until we have any official word from the WWE or some credible sources. No one can say anything as this is a developing story and things may change in due course of time.

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