WWE Fired Diva Describes Kissing John Cena

The former WWE and current Ring of Honor (ROH) star Maria Kanellis recently shared her experience of kissing the likes of John Cena and Snoop Dogg on WWE TV. Maria Kanellis had previously showed off her weight loss in previously uploaded photo.



Maria Kanellis opens up on the experience

Kanellis recently joined in for an interview with Metro when she described her experience of doing kissing segments in WWE with John Cena and others. She noted that it is one of the most awkward experience in her career.

Kanellis said:

‘I’ve kissed people along the way on television and everybody is always like, ‘Oh, you kissed him!’ It is the most awkward experience of your life. It’s not like this, ‘Oh, this is lovely’ – no, it is awkward!”

Kanellis continued:

“There’s a camera, there’s a producer, there’s your writer, then there’s makeup artists out there sometimes watching to make sure your hair’s in the right position as you’re kissing this person. It’s like, ‘Oh no,can you turn your face a little bit’ – and eventually you’re kissing the side of their face. There’s hot lights and you’re wearing, ‘I’m sorry, I smell,’ tanner – it’s not sexy!”

You can check out Maria Kanellis kissing segment with John Cena:

Kanellis returned to WWE in 2017 after a seven-year gap from the company. Her last storyline in the company featured her with real-life husband Mike, where she alleged that Mike wasn’t the father of her child. Maria and her husband, Mike Bennett, were furloughed from WWE in April last year because of the budget cuts due to COVID-19 pandemic. She had also revealed that WWE did not pay for her husband’s rehab, while they also paid just a portion of her schooling.

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