WWE Fired Diva Exposes Lies After Arrest

WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch has had a very rough few years as she has been in and out of jail. It seems she has fallen in trouble with the law once again. She was arrested in New Jersey for unlawful possession of a weapon and terroristic threats. The WWE Hall of Famer has a history of troubling behavior.



According to a report by TMZ Sports, the legal documents revealed that Sunny was arrested in Keansburg, New Jersey. The former WWE Superstar was then booked into the Monmouth County jail at 11 AM. A couple of the charges are related to illegally possessing a weapon.

The weapons charges are classified as a third degree offence in the state of New Jersey. Terroristic threats are considered as a fourth degree offence. Sunny has been arrested six times for DUI in the past.

Now it seems there is even more story than previously thought. As revealed by court documents, Sytch was involved in a domestic fight before her arrest on Thursday. It was said that she threatened her partner while brandishing a pair of scissors. The WWE Hall Of Famer was eventually released from prison as well.

She was released after a hearing in which she was ordered to have weekly court appearances and not to possess any firearms. She then released a statement on the matter.

“I am ok. I am laying low a bit. But I’m m ok. Don’t believe the media. Please don’t.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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