WWE ‘Fired’ Samoa Joe For Gaining Weight?

Recently, on the newest episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ on RussosBrand.com, Billi Bhatti sat down with former WWE writer Vince Russo. The two talked about a vast landscape of all things pro-wrestling. Here, the two discussed how one WWE talent turned up out of shape after his time off for WWE, and while Bhatti used Mike Bennett as an example to drive the point home regarding WWE and the physical look of their superstars, Vince Russo suggested that WWE fired Samoa Joe due to his shape and size being an issue for the company. Wrestling-Edge transcribed their comments. This major WWE executive just dropped a Samoa Joe AEW bombshell.



Bhatti said, “WWE once signed Mike Bennett and they had plans for Mike Bennett along with Maria Kanellis to have a push. Mike Bennett didn’t workout during the time he was off and showed up to TV not necessarily out of shape – he was in better shape than I am but he was out of shape in terms of what they expected.”

Russo added, “And Billi, based on my experience if you want to go one step further, that had a lot to do with why they released Samoa Joe. I’m tellin’ ya, Joe’s shape and weight was an issue.”

Samoa Joe has always been thick and it has always worked well for him in the ring. We think Samoa Joe looks fantastic.

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