WWE Fired Star Accused Of Sexual Assault Backstage

The #SpeakingOut movement saw several wrestlers being called out for sexual misconduct and that includes the likes of Austin Aries.



During his interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Aries talked about the situation involving himself and Rhett Titus’ girlfriend.

Rhett Titus, a student of mine, did a shoot interview some years back. He talked about a scenario where his girlfriend was in the locker room, and I’ll just say it, she kissed my balls. What do you want me to tell you? It happened. I’m not gonna run from the facts. The facts are, she kissed my balls. She did it willingly. She did it, I would almost say gleefully, maybe a little too gleefully, right.”

“There’s a whole story and context behind it. She was putting kisses on all the wrestlers with her lipstick. She didn’t really belong in the locker room, but she was going to accompany him to the ring that night. She was getting a little flirtatious in the locker room. I kind of told her to kind of knock it off, cut it out, this isn’t high school, and that she needs to act a certain way if she’s going to be in here. I told her this isn’t high school and if you keep talking like that, and acting like that, somebody is going to call your bluff. She said to me, ‘Well, who says I’m bluffing?’ My response, and we can debate if it was the correct response or not, but my left testicle came out and I said, ‘Well put your money where your mouth is’, expecting that at this point, she would maybe realize that this was serious. To my surprise, she actually kissed my testicle. So I had to go show Rhett like, ‘Hey, man, you might want to corral your girl over here because she’s acting a little inappropriate.’”

“So that story resurfaced, and then, of course, the headline is ‘Austin Aries forces woman to kiss his balls’, and ‘Austin Aries admits to sexual assault’, but that’s not what happened. Nobody was forced. Nobody was coerced. Nobody was pressured. Nobody was tricked. You know, she did this, she was an adult, and she made a choice to do this. But again, you take all these things and people wanting to believe a certain narrative about me, so then that got mischaracterized as something that it wasn’t. So you add all these things up, and I’m a terrible, terrible human being. Because even though we know pro wrestling isn’t real, we know that Austin Aries is really a terrible human being in real life, even though most people have never met me in real life, so they have no idea who I am or who I’m not. They’re basing it off of things they read on the internet, which may or may not be true, or may or may not come from a certain perspective that has a bias. But that’s the world we live in, so I’ve accepted that. People are gonna believe what they want about me, and it’s no longer my job to try to change people’s opinions because that, a lot of times, ends up being futile and you’ll just drive yourself nuts because people are gonna believe what they want to believe. That’s just the world we live in.”

h/t to WrestlingNews.co

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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