WWE Fired Star Appears After Smackdown

Ari Sterling appeared on WWE 205 Live tonight after Smackdown, as he acknowledged in a new video on Twitter. Vince McMahon Fired 12 Stars During Smackdown.




Jimmy Uso not only messed up badly and landed himself a DUI just weeks ago, but Jimmy put himself in such a rough situation that he now needs someone to watch every move he makes and to drive him around as he can not be trusted as of now. Vince McMahon ‘Bans’ WWE Raw Heel Turn.

Jimmy Uso was arrested in Pensacola, Fla for driving under the influence and not stopping at a red light, according to the Pensacola Police Department on July 8th. According to the arrest report, Pensacola police observed a white Dodge Charger driving 50 mph in the area of Garden and I Streets on that Monday evening.

The report said the officer smelled alcohol and asked Jimmy Uso out of the car. A field sobriety test was performed and Fatu couldn’t keep his head still, had difficulty performing the walk and turn, and couldn’t maintain his balance during the one-legged stand. This was the second DUI arrest for Fatu in Escambia County in the last two years.

Billi Bhatti reported on The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show on RussosBrand.com with Vince Russo, “Naomi has been moved to Smackdown as the driver for Jimmy Uso.” He added that Naomi is ‘responsible’ for looking out for him.

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