WWE Fired Star ‘Buries’ Mandy Rose Boyfriend

Bruce Prichard has been put on notice! Tucker, now going by Levi Cooper, was one of many shock WWE releases that took place earlier this month as WWE let go a slew of talent which included several surprising names such as Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce as well as many others. The former Tucker commented on his release and lambasted the WWE creative process as well in a series of tweets, including the Mandy Rose dating Otis storyline. The first of which was in response to Emmy Award-Winning TV Host & Journalist who criticized WWE on his own saying that while there is talent on their programming, humor falls flat and it is a tough show to sit through week in and out. Alba was primarily criticizing the WWE’s Monday Night Raw brand. It was revealed Bruce Prichard fired this surprising WWE employee not too long ago.



This drew the attention of the ex-Tucker who proclaimed: ” IMO and obviously I have a bad taste in my mouth but there is very little opportunity for talent to have any sense of agency over who they are and what happens on tv. To me it’s this part of the creative process that is hurting the product the most currently.”

He would then respond to another member of the WWE Universe who chimed in by adding to the conversation: “It’s fundamentally broken when you have talent on TV for months, some of them even champion right now, and you have no idea what they are suppose to be, handicapping them in what they can do to get over.”

This led the newly fired WWE star to tweet back: “Yeah or doing a story like Mandy and Otis for months with zero payoff.”

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