WWE Fired Star Demands Brock Lesnar Contract

The former WWE star Zach Gowen had a brief stint in WWE back 2003-04. During his run, he had worked in storylines with legends like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and Vince McMahon.



Zach Gowen wants same contract as Brock Lesnar

Gowen,who had one leg amputated as a child, played a major role when Brock Lesnar had turned heel. They share a great relationship outside of WWE.

During a a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Gowen was asked if he was interested in returning to WWE down the road.  Gowen went on to joke that he would make a comeback to the company if he would be offered what WWE offers Lesnar.

He then said that he was not interested in returning to the road full time at this stage of his life:

“Yes, if only WWE would offer me the exact same contract Brock Lesnar has. I want his money and the exact same number of dates (laughs). I have zero interest, I’ll tell you truthfully, I have exactly zero interest of being on the road full time at 38 years old, hopping on one leg for the past 30 years, father of three, as well as my other businesses I’m involved in as well that I find an amazing amount of fulfilment and opportunity. However, hey listen, my phone’s on.”

He also revealed that he is neither interested in returning to WWE nor joining hands with AEW.

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