WWE Fired Star ‘Hates Motherf***er’ John Cena

Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree recently opened up about an interesting incident that occurred between Bob Holly, also known as Hardcore Holly, and John Cena. According to Dupree, Holly, who had been a part of the WWE for nearly eight years before Cena made his main roster debut on SmackDown, was reportedly jealous of Cena’s success and the fact that he had become the face of the company, winning 16 world titles.



During an episode of Cafe de Rene, Dupree recalled a conversation he had with Holly in which Holly expressed his hatred for Cena. He even went on to claim that Holly had yelled at him for making Cena look good in the ring, which was something he did not appreciate. The incident apparently took place in the locker room after the Judgment Day pay-per-view.

Dupree went on to explain that Holly’s jealousy stemmed from the fact that Cena was the new guy in the company and was being pushed by Vince McMahon, the owner of WWE. Holly had held the Hardcore and Tag Team Championships a few times, but Cena’s success had overshadowed his own achievements.

According to Dupree, he and Holly used to travel together, and during one of their trips, Holly had yelled at him for giving Cena too much attention and making him look good in the ring. It was clear that Holly wanted to be in Cena’s position and was frustrated that he was not getting the same opportunities.

“It was the night after Judgment Day pay-per-view, right? (…) So, we’re in the locker room after the match and Cena passes by and Bob was like, ‘I hate that motherf**ker.’ Why do you think he hated him? Because he knew he was getting the push that that was the new guy. He was jealous, you get it. We would ride together and he would yell at me, ‘Why [are] you making Cena look good? Why are you giving him so much?’ He would yell at me because he knew that that was Vince’s [McMahon] new guy. Because he wanted that spot so bad, you know what I mean?”


Overall, Dupree’s claims shed light on the competitive nature of the wrestling industry and how success can sometimes lead to jealousy and animosity among colleagues. Despite the fact that both Holly and Cena had their own individual achievements and contributions to the company, it seems that Holly’s envy towards Cena’s success may have caused some tension between them.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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