WWE Fired Stars ‘Ugly Brawl’ At Raw Leaks

WWE stars battle it out in the squared circle but sometimes they lose their cool backstage and involve in real fights. There have been several real backstage fights over the years in the WWE and as it turns out that a similar incident took place in 2016 between Sin Cara and Simon Gotch. AJ Styles Cryptic AEW Photo Leaks



Aiden English opens up on the incident

It was noted that Sin Cara had reportedly got the better of the former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion, Simon Gotch.

Aiden English recently joined Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted and talked about the fight involving his former Vaudevillian partner. Simon Gotch and Sin Cara were both released from the WWE in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Aiden English revealed that he wasn’t backstage during the fight. He recalled that it happened during the WWE show in Tuscan, Arizona.

English said be saw Simon Gotch approaching the WWE doctor’s office with ice on his face after the brawl and he got to know about the fight.

Aiden English said:

“Of course, but it’s been a while actually with this one. But umm, honestly, so I remember it very vividly, but I wasn’t there when it actually happened. So, that was in catering, in Tucson, I believe. I believe it was Tucson, Arizona, it was the show, and yeah, it was in catering, and I was up by the ring. I was like talking to friends and stuff, and I came back, and all I saw was Simon walking towards the doc’s office with ice on his face and “I was like,’ What the hell happened?’ And so, I talk to my friends and people who were there, and again, I don’t have all the nitty-gritty details, and I’m not someone who is going to say, ‘Oh, I heard this is what happened, blah, blah blah!’ But, they got into a confrontation, somebody said something, and somebody got angry, you know, a soda can was thrown, fists were thrown.”

It was also reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter several years ago, Sin Cara threw the unopened soda can at Simon Gotch during the event.


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