WWE Firing Star After ‘Misconduct’ With Diva?

WWE Superstar Drew Gulak has been away from WWE programming ever since Ronda Rousey came up with accusations against him. It seems that Gulak might get released from the company.



Concerns were raised when Ronda Rousey dropped allegations against Gulak of inappropriate behavior during her tenure with the company. Consequently, Gulak has been notably absent from WWE television, with indications suggesting that the company may have imposed a ban on mentioning his name on air.

During her appearance on NewsNation, Ronda Rousey claimed that Drew Gulak acted inappropriately towards her by grabbing the string of her sweatpants without her consent while she was waiting to talk to Triple H in the writer’s room.

During this week’s episode of NXT, No Quarter Catch Crew had approached Tony D’Angelo’s family to handle Gulak. This narrative development implies that WWE may have chosen to write Gulak off television in response to the allegations.

In addition to that, WWE imposed a ban on mentioning Drew Gulak as well. Things seemed to worsen as WWE launched an investigation into Ronda Rousey’s allegations regarding Drew Gulak.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed Gulak’s situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, stating that while he’s not certain if Gulak has been fired, there’s a belief within the company that it’s likely to happen.

“What I was told was that the witnesses were not conclusive, it was one person’s word against the other, but Gulak was bad publicity, so he got whacked.

“I don’t know that he’s been fired, but when I ask, it’s like, if he hasn’t been he probably will be. It’s not looking good for him, let’s put it that way.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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