WWE Firings Rumor Revealed After SmackDown

Before the second night of WrestleMania 39, WWE made a groundbreaking announcement that it will be merging with UFC under the umbrella of Endeavor. While such a significant deal has the potential to reshape the landscape of both companies, it has also raised concerns and uncertainties among employees from both WWE and UFC regarding their future roles and positions.



Initial reports from PW Insider indicated that a “sense of doom” was prevailing within WWE, particularly among employees who were not directly involved with production or talent. These employees feared potential redundancies and layoffs due to the potential consolidation of various departments such as travel offices and accounting, as the merged entity might not require duplicated functions.

Some employees were reportedly quietly exploring other job opportunities to safeguard their future, anticipating possible layoffs in the aftermath of the merger. However, it’s worth noting that WWE employs over 1,000 individuals, and not everyone shares the same level of apprehension.

Ringside News reached out to WWE to verify the reported atmosphere within the company. The response indicated that the term “sense of doom” was an exaggeration and that the internal situation wasn’t as dire as portrayed. While it is common for mergers to lead to some staff changes, the report suggested that the overall situation within WWE was not as severe as initially portrayed.

The nature of mergers often brings about organizational changes, including staff restructuring. However, the reports also highlighted that the merger does not necessarily mean that WWE and UFC will fully merge into a single entity. Both companies are expected to continue operating independently under the Endeavor umbrella. WWE is also currently in the process of relocating to a new headquarters, while UFC retains its existing headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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