WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – July 17th, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – July 17th, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcomed us to Smackdown. They hyped the tag team main event and the interview with Edge…Jeff Hardy’s music hit, and he came out to a gigantic pop. He got a mic and played a video of Punk’s promo from last week. Jeff admitted to his mistakes, pointed out he had not failed a drug test in over a year, said he had never been to rehab, and would beat Punk at NOC.

Punk’s music hit and he made his ring entrance. Punk mocked Jeff for not failing in over a year. Hardy asked him if he had anything new. Punk said no, because Jeff never got it. He asked him how many exams he failed in school, and how many times he had been expelled. Jeff asked if Punk was his guidance counselor. Punk said if he had been, Jeff would not be the man he was today. He said Jeff would be better. He asked Jeff who he was to brag about not going to rehab after failing a drug test.

Jeff said he thought he was the next World Champion, and then said he knew he was. Punk put over his straightedge lifestyle, and said Jeff would lose to him and fall back into his vices like a vicious cycle. Jeff said he wasn’t perfect like Punk. Punk said he should be because all of the kids. He said there was a million little kids who would see their hero become a statistic. Hardy laid out Punk and kicked him from the ring. Punk said he would be the bigger man because he had a match next, but he would get Hardy at NOC. Punk sat down and waited for his match…[C]

[Q2]A video recapped John Morrison beating Punk last month…Back in the ring. Punk was introduced. Morrison’s music hit and he came out to a big pop…

1. John Morrison defeated CM Punk at 11:55. Punk apologized for the GTS from their last meeting. A couple of early hammer lock reversals led to some quick mat wrestling. The collar and elbow rope breaks were shoves, but otherwise clean. Punk locked in his tarantula move and then came off the top with a cross body. Morrison rolled through for two. Punk reversed a whip into a GTS lift, but Morrison rolled out and hit a monkey flip. He clotheslined Punk over the top and tried for a mule kick through the bottom ropes. Punk grabbed his legs and pulled hard to the outside. Both men recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 6:00, Punk had a waist scissors locked in. Morrison escaped, but Punk hit a back drop for two, a belly to belly suplex for two, and locked in the waist scissors again. Morrison fought out and started his comeback at 8:02. Morrison hit his sitting knee for two. He placed Punk on the top rope and hit a hurricanranna that Punk rolled through for a two count. He hit a double arm underhook into a backbreaker for two. The two men traded blows and Punk locked in the sleeper.

Morrison managed to whip out and lock in his own sleeper. Punk lifted for a belly to back, but Morrison slipped out and they clotheslined each other. Punk missed the knee in the corner and Morrison hit the Chuck Kick for two. Morrison set him up for Starship Pain. Punk stood up and lifted Morrison in an electric chair and then dropped him down into a GTS setup. Morrison slipped out and tried a roll up. Punk grabbed his legs and got a near fall. Morrison tried to jump over Punk, but Punk grabbed his leg. Punk went for an Oklahoma roll, but Morrison grabbed his legs halfway through for the surprise win.

[Q3]Post match, Morrison offered his hand to Punk. Punk slid out of the ring, grabbed his belt, and left. Morrison celebrated into the break…[C]

Back from commercial, the announce team hyped the tag team main event and the Edge interview. Layla came out in a Heat jersey. She was a former Heat dancer. She put over the Heat and did a dance in the ring. Suddenly Ricky Ortiz’s music hit, stopping Layla. He came out with rally towels and got in the ring. Ortiz said the people didn’t want to see Layla dance, they wanted inspiration. He dogged the Heat and said he could help the fans. He said he was there to rally up. The fans kind of booed half heartedly. He put a towel on Layla’s shoulder. She swung it once and then dropped it and left. Ortiz looked hurt…

The Brian Gerwitz influenced segment continued with Word Up. The word was Championized. Antrel Rolle from the Arizona Cardinals. Jesse popped up and asked Rolle to go to some clubs with him. Rolle said he was going with Cryme Tyme and Eve. Jesse grabbed Eve and said that “shawty” was his “boo.” JTG gave him a wedgie and tossed him in a cart. They rolled him away and went to get ready for their match…The announce team hyped R-Truth vs. Kane…

[Q4][C]Back from commercial, Kane made his ring entrance. A video showed the Khali/Kane incident from last week. R-Truth made his lame ass entrance…

2. Kane defeated R-Truth at 10:53. Kane started out in control. He worked the monster move set. In a terrible looking set of moves, Kane tossed Truth over the top. I think he was supposed to land on the apron, but he fell. Then Kane tried to kick him over the top rope, even though he wasn’t really there, and got tied up. Truth hit a heel kick to send Kane to the floor. Kane looked like he wanted to skin the cat for a second, but he let go. Truth hit a dropkick through the ropes and both men recovered into commercial…[C]

Back at 5:38, Truth had a headlock on, but Kane hit a belly to back suplex. Truth spilt ducked a clothesline and hit a heel kick that Kane no sold. Kane caught R-Truth and hit a sidewalk slam for two. Kane hit a hard whip to the corner for two and locked in a lying bearhug. Kane rolled him to the floor and Truth reversed a lift into a clothesline that caused Kane to hit the post. Truth went to attack, but Kane regained control.

[Q5]Kane whipped Truth to the corner and locked in a standing bearhug. Truth slid out and Kane lifted him a la a Punjabi Plunge, but Truth pushed away and hit a dropkick. Truth worked offense and hit a swinging DDT for two. Truth went to the top and Kane hit a big boot when he came off for the win. Holy crap that looked like it hurt.

Post match Khali and Mini-Me came out. Kane called him into the ring. Khali walked to the ring. Kane turned around and Truth hit a missile dropkick. Khali climbed in the ring and Kane fled through the crowd. Khali and Mini-Me celebrated in the ring…The announce team hyped the main event and the Edge interview…[C]

Back from commercial, oh son of a….the new Pretty Ricky video aired. Whatever. I believe I would rather see Zack Ryder than this crap…The Hart Dynasty made their ring entrance…[C]

[Q6]Back from commercial, Cryme Tyme and Eve made their ring entrance. A video showed Cyme Tyme beating the Harts last night on Superstars…

3.The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme and Eve Torres at 4:10. The ladies started. Natalya scored a takedown and Eve scored an elbow. Natalya tagged in Kidd and Shad came in. He destroyed Kidd and tagged in JTG. He slammed JTG on Kidd in the corner and JTG covered for two. Kidd tied up JTG in the ropes and tagged in Smith. Smith hit a slam and tagged in Kidd. They hit a double gutbuster for two and Kidd locked in a sitting abdominal stretch. JTG hit a hip toss to escape and tagged in Eve.

Natalya caught Eve when she jumped and hit a slam. Eve took control out of nowhere and hit a cartwheel moonsault. Smith came in to break up the pin attempt and Cryme Tyme cleaned house. Eve was distracted by all this and Natalya hit a hangman hotshot followed by a twisting clothesline for the win…Backstage, Ziggler was shown doing pushups. Maria walked up and kissed his arm and told him to be careful…The announce team hyped the Edge interview for next…[C]

Back from commercial, Edge was on for his interview via satellite. They asked him about his physical and mental health. Edge said he had always worked to overcome injuries, but this one could be career ending. He said he learned that an Achilles tear is the most difficult injury to recover from. He said he was going to do everything he could to come back. They asked him about Jericho’s comments. Edge started to speak and Jericho’s music hit.

[Q7]He came to the ring and Jericho called him pathetic. Jericho crushed him and called him out for not being there to defend the titles. Jericho said Edge’s titles came from politicking and being in the right place at the right time. Jericho said all of his titles had been earned. He said the only thing impressive about Edge is his injury list. He called him frail and weak. Jericho pointed out he had never been injured. Jericho continued to trash Edge and put himself over.

Edge’s tape started early and he told Jericho that he didn’t need anyone, especially Jericho, to come out there and punk him. He said he would use that as motivation. Edge said if he came back…no when he came back, he would prove Jericho and everyone else wrong…[C]

Back from commercial, Jericho was in the ring and “My name is” made his entrance. A video showed the end of the Jericho/Mysterio match last week. Jeff made his entrance next, followed by Rey. Before the ref could ring the bell, CM Punk’s music hit and he came to sit in on commentary…

[Q8]4. Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler fought Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio to a no contest at 12:49. Hardy and Jericho started out. Jericho won the shoulder tackle challenge, but Jeff hit a drop kick and worked on Jericho. He hit his mule kick for two. Jericho tossed Hardy over the top, but he landed on the apron. Jericho hit his springboard dropkick to send Jeff to the floor. Rey checked on Hardy who recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 5:02, Jericho and Ziggler double teamed Jeff. Ziggler covered for two and hit a big elbow before locking in a reverse chin lock. Punk didn’t want to answer questions from the announce team, he said he was scouting. Jericho tagged back in and hit a weird looking clothesline to Hardy. He followed with a fist drop for two. Hardy escaped a lift and hit a clothesline. He got the hot tag to Mysterio.

Mysterio worked his fast offense on Jericho. He hit a hurricanranna and took out Ziggler with a punch. Jericho hit a sunset flip, but Rey rolled through and popped up to kick Jericho in the face for two. Rey hit a hurricanranna and set Jericho up for 619. Ziggler got a blind tag. Rey hit 619, but when he went for the West Coast Pop, Ziggler pulled him off to the floor. Rey hit the retaining wall. Ziggler got him in the ring and covered for two. He locked in a headlock.

Rey fought out, but Ziggler whipped him face first into the corner for two. He whipped Rey again, but Rey kicked up and hurricanrannaed (is that a word?) Ziggler into the post. Double hot tags and Jeff worked on Jericho. Jericho tried for a bulldog, but Jeff escaped and hit a Whisper in the Wind. He tried for a hurricanranna, but Jericho tried to reverse for Walls of Jericho. Hardy escaped and hit the Twist of Fate followed by the Swanton Bomb. Ziggler broke the count.

Mysterio dropkicked Ziggler to the floor. All four men went to the floor. Hardy tossed Jericho at Punk who moved. Hardy turned his back and Punk tossed Jericho into Hardy who hit the steps, causing the ref to call for the bell. Rey confronted Punk, but Ziggler hit a dropkick and followed up with his finisher on the floor. Jericho put Hardy back in the ring and hit a Codebreaker. Jericho locked in Walls of Jericho and Punk just watched. Punk walked away and Jericho finally broke the hold. Hardy rolled around in the ring to end the show…

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