WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (12/20): Brooklyn, NY

The December 20th, 2019 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.



– We open up with a video package looking at TLC, and the match between Bray Wyatt and The Miz, featuring Daniel Bryan.

– Michael Cole welcomes us to the Barclays Center, and then Daniel Bryan’s music hits and Bryan comes out to kick off tonight’s show. Bryan gets in the ring, and he’s got a mic. Bryan says it’s great to be back in Brooklyn. He says everyone is asking where he’s been, and he says he doesn’t know. He just remembers The Fiend ripping off his hair and beard, and when he came to and looked in the mirror, his “Daniel Bryan brand” was gone. Now he is himself, and the real him showed up at TLC and kicked Bray’s ass. Bryan says that Wyatt succeeded in changing him, but now he is going to change Wyatt too. Bryan wants to test Wyatt’s claim that he has trained himself not to feel pain, right here and now in the ring. The Miz comes out instead. The Miz says he needs the match with Wyatt first to defend his family. Baron Corbin comes out to interrupt next. Corbin makes fun of Wyatt messing with Miz, and says that Bryan looks like Baby Yoda now. Corbin says Bryan’s only “brand” is failure. Corbin says he isn’t a failure, because he’s done things like defeat Kurt Angle in his farewell match, win King Of The Ring, and beat up Roman Reigns at TLC. Corbin says their personal issues with The Fiend don’t matter, because Corbin is next in line for Wyatt’s Title belt. Corbin says Miz and Bryan have failed as WWE Superstars and as fathers. Miz and Bryan surround Corbin, but then Dolph Ziggler sneaks up and attacks them from behind. Corbin hits the End Of Days on Bryan.

– Back from the break, Cole and Corey Graves inform us that The Miz and Daniel Bryan have been booked in a tag match against Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin tonight.

– We see a bunch of Christmas stuff set up all over the ringside area and stage for tonight’s “Miracle On 24th Street Fight.”

– Heavy Machinery is backstage for an interview. Tucker and Otis say their loss last week was because Cesaro hurt Otis’ feeling by smashing his baked ham. Mandy Rose walks in and says she drew Otis in the WWE secret Santa. She says she saw what happened last week, so she gives Otis a baked ham. She kisses Otis on the cheek, then Heavy Machinery heads out for their match.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Revival: Otis puts his baked ham on the announce table at ringside before the match. This one is a no DQ “Miracle On 24th Street Fight.” The opening bell sounds and the two teams immediately start going at it. The Revival hit some kicks early on, but then Heavy Machinery drops them with back body drops. They clear the ring, still wearing Santa jackets. The Revival fights back at ringside and they turn it around. They give Tucker a facebuster into the announce table. The Revival grabs Christmas cookies from a table at ringside and smashes them in Otis’ face. They throw some of the fake Christmas gifts at Otis and Tucker, then they set up a table. The Revival looks for a double suplex into the table, but Otis breaks it up. Otis drops both Revival members, then he puts Wilder on the table. Otis gets on the apron, but Dawson blasts him with a fire extinguisher. The Revival gives Otis a powerbomb off the apron through the table at ringside. The Revival beats on Tucker for several moments now. Tucker fights back with a suplex on the ramp, but The Revival is able to keep him down. They throw Tucker over the announce table, and the baked ham goes down too. Otis gets back to his feet just in time to see Dawson pick up the ham and smash it on the ground. Otis hulks up and picks up Dawson by the throat. Wilder hits Otis with a giant candy cane, and Otis drops Dawson, then throws Wilder into a Christmas tree display. Back in the ring, Otis hits a back body drop and a t-bone suplex on Dawson. Otis goes out to ringside now, and he’s looking for something. Otis gets a black bag from under the ring, as if it were full of thumbtacks, but when Otis dumps it out it’s all a bunch of pieces of Lego. Otis picks up Dawson and slams him into the Lego, and the crowd pops big for this. Otis picks up both Dawson and Wilder now for an electric chair drop and fallaway slam combo. Otis then hits The Caterpillar on Dawson. Tucker gets back in the ring and they hit The Compactor on Dawson for the three count.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

– Tucker gives Otis his ham off the floor and they head to the back. Otis licks the ham.

– Dana Brooke is shown backstage warming up.

– Otis approaches Mandy backstage with the ham. He apologizes for the ham getting ruined, and says he shouldn’t have brought it out there. Mandy gives Otis a hug, but then realizes she is covered in sweat and her outfit is ruined, and she’s not happy.

– The Revival is back up in the ring now, and they complain about all the garbage around the ring, and they don’t mean the fans. They say this isn’t the kind of wrestling they represent, and they don’t represent the world of “sports entertainment.” Elias interrupts with his guitar on the stage. Elias sings a song telling The Revival to go away, and says his grandma saw a Revival match and now she’s on life support. Elias says if they want to be top guys, they need to make a big change like Caitlyn Jenner.

– We see Braun Strowman backstage in his locker room. Sami Zayn walks in and says he drew Braun’s name in the secret Santa, and he starts bugging Braun. Braun stands up, then Cesaro and Nakamura walk in. Sami says he just wants to get Braun a gift. Braun says he wants a shot at Nakamura’s Intercontinental Championship. Sami says that’s a great idea, but Nakamura and Cesaro are already booked tonight, in a tag match with The New Day.

Sonya Deville vs. Carmella: The opening bell sounds and they trade strikes fairly evenly in the opening moments. Carmella takes control and hits a facebuster. Shortly after, she puts Sonya in the Code Of Silence. Sonya taps out after a short match.

Winner Carmella

– The New Day comes out while Carmella is on her way out and they dance on the stage.

Big E & Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura: Sami Zayn is at ringside. Kofi and Nakamura start off in this one. The opening bell sounds and Nakamura knocks Big E off the apron early on. Nakamura and Kofi trade strikes now and Kofi takes control. Cesaro tags in for the double team on Kofi for a two count. Cesaro and Nakamura control the match until Big E finally gets the tag and starts cleaning house. Big E hits some suplexes, then the running splash on Nakamura. Nakamura fights back with some strikes, but Big E shuts him down with a side suplex. Cesaro breaks up the pin attempt, then Kofi takes out Cesaro. Kofi hits a suicide dive on Cesaro at ringside now. Sami causes a distraction on the apron, and Nakamura hits several kicks on Big E. Nakamura dumps Big E out to ringside, and Cesaro hits a lariat on him. Nakamura hits a running knee on Big E on the apron now, then throws him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Nakamura and Cesaro take turns working over Big E, until Kofi finally gets the hot tag. Kofi cleans house and dumps both opponents out to ringside, then hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Kofi hits a flying crossbody on Cesaro for a two count. Meanwhile, Nakamura drops Big E at ringside. Back in the ring, Cesaro drops Kofi and gives him The Swing, then a double stomp for a two count. Kofi starts fighting back and they scramble on the mat. Kofi rolls up Cesaro for the three count out of nowhere.

Winners: The New Day

– After the match, Cesaro, Nakamura and Sami beat down The New Day. Braun Strowman comes out for the save to beat down Nakamura, Cesaro and Sami. Sami ends up pulling Nakamura down from Braun’s shoulders to save him from a running powerslam, and they retreat from ringside.

– The Miz approaches Daniel Bryan in his dressing room and they briefly exchange words about their Tag match tonight.

Dana Brooke vs. Bayley: Sasha Banks is at ringside for this non-Title match. Bayley starts off strong, but Dana finally fights back and connects with a kick. Bayley grabs the hair to throw Dana down. Bayley hits a running knee strike, then stomps a mud hole in Dana in the corner. Bayley misses a shot and Brooke drops her, then goes up top and hits a swanton bomb for a two count. Dana hits a clothesline, then throws Bayley in the corner. Dana hits a handspring elbow in the corner, then a running shoulder tackle for a two count. Dana misses a shot and Bayley drops her into the turnbuckle. Bayley follows up with a facebuster for the three count.

Winner: Bayley

– After the match, Bayley and Sasha yell at Dana Brooke until Lacey Evans comes out. Sasha and Bayley retreat, then Lacey gets on the mic and asks where they’re going and she calls out Sasha for a match.

– New York Yankees legend CC Sabathia is shown sitting at ringside.

Lacey Evans vs. Sasha Banks: This match was made official over the commercial break. Dana and Bayley are at ringside. Sasha starts off strong and keeps Lacey grounded after a running knee strike. Lacey fights back with a big boot and a some knee strikes. They fight out to ringside now, and Bayley causes a distraction leading to Sasha dropping Lacey. Sasha attacks Lacey in front of her family sitting in the front row. The ref calls for the bell due to count out. Sasha and Lacey’s young daughter exchange words. Lacey fires up and beats down Sasha and Bayley until Dana and the referee pull her off of them.

Winner: Double count-out

– The Miz and Daniel Bryan are shown (separately) backstage heading towards the Gorilla position for their tag match.

The Miz & Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin: Miz and Bryan argue among each other early on, but they’re able to control the opening moments of this one. Bryan and Miz hit the “yes kicks” in tandem on both opponents. Bryan controls the next several moments, until he misses a shot and Corbin answers with the Deep Six out of nowhere. Corbin and Ziggler trade tags now and keep Bryan grounded. Bryan finally fights back with a big dropkick on Corbin, then Miz and Ziggler get the tags. Miz launches Ziggler into the corner then lays into him with kicks. Corbin runs in and Miz drops him, then he gives Ziggler a DDT. Miz pins, but Corbin breaks it up. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Corbin, but then Ziggler runs over and hits a tornado DDT on Miz. Ziggler misses a superkick, then Miz applies the Figure Four leg lock. Corbin tries to break it up, but Bryan intercepts him with a running knee to the face. Ziggler taps out to the Figure Four for the finish.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & The Miz

– Cole announces a triple threat match between The Miz, Daniel Bryan and Baron Corbin next week to determine the #1 contender for the Universal Title. After the match, the lights start going out and we hear Wyatt laughing over the speakers. SmackDown goes off the air with Bryan and Miz looking around for Wyatt.

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