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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results & Live Coverage (11/15)

  • Whistling Joe

    No, the solution is for Vince to do a better job, quit, or die. I like wrestling, I just hate almost everything Vince does.

  • Maxwell Jacob Moon

    Wow. Might be better for you to just stop watching if you dislike everything so much.

  • Whistling Joe

    This was one of the worst Smackdowns I can remember. I thought we were supposed to be done with stupid comedy once Smackdown moved to Fox. So why did we have that stupid segment in the beginning? Why are the stupid New Day still a thing? I liked Mustafa Ali when he was undercover Batman. Now he’s nothing and I don’t care. I liked Chad Gable. I don’t give the first damn about Shorty G. I used to care about Ziggler and Roode, and then WWE told me not to like them by the way they were booked and now I don’t care about them. Why is Smackdown winning an 8-women tag match? You want me to think of NXT as being on the same level as Raw and Smackdown? Here’s how you do it: You have them win on TV against Raw and Smackdown talent, that builds heat going into the PPV. Then, at the PPV, you have NXT win AGAIN! That’s how you get people over: you have them win! It’s that simple. And why the hell did Revival get a rematch when YOU told me that rematches clauses were done? You’re nothing but a bunch of liars, and not even good liars, lazy lazy liars.