WWE Funding JBL’s New Project, JBL Says a WWE Return Is “Highly Likely”

– TMZ reports today that WWE is sponsoring his whole 7 Summits trip and will be promoting it online through their social media accounts. JBL has been planning to climb the highest peak on each continent to help raise money for a charity in Bermuda. JBL was going to pay for the trips on his own but TMZ reports that WWE has given the project a quarter-million dollar boost.



The trek will take JBL between 2 and 3 years. It was going to cost him upwards of $250,000 but that problem is solved thanks to WWE.

On Twitter, JBL added that WWE will be promoting his new project in a big way. A fan asked if he would be returning to WWE and he replied:

“I think it’s safe to say after announcement today on tmz that it’s highly likely”

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