WWE Gets Press on RAW Hosts, Comments from Steph & HHH

– The New York Times ran a big article this weekend on WWE and their celebrity guest host program with quotes from some of the past hosts and WWE stars.



In the article, Triple H talked about WWE’s PG product. “I’ve got young kids,” he said. “Years ago, we were what we were, and I certainly wouldn’t want to have my young kids watch that product. We’ve evolved.”

After SNL and MacGruber star Will Forte compared WWE to SNL, Stephanie McMahon made a reference to SNL’s creator Lorne Michaels and her father Vince. “Vince would hate that I said this,” she said. “But he and Lorne Michaels are a lot alike. They both have a clear vision, and they both know exactly how they want you to execute it.”

The article also mentioned the previous report about astronaut Buzz Aldrin hosting RAW on May 17th.

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