WWE had fined Miro due to him cutting his hair

WWE has stringent rules when it comes to the looks of their Superstars and how they want them to be presented. They do not want Superstars to change their looks for various reasons. Video game images, action figures, and other marketing also factor in as to why the company does not want talents to change their looks without their approval. However, it seems Miro did just that when he used to work in the company.



While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Miro revealed that WWE fined him after he cut his hair. He was not used by the company at all during that time, so he cut his hair. Then the company penalized him after he trimmed his hair.

“I cut my hair because I had nothing going on. They were beating me day in and day out. I was going away for shoulder surgery. I came back for one match and they made Big Show chokeslam me four times and chokeslam me seven times and they tried to convince me to protect my character. C’mon man. I’m not that stupid. It’s ok because I love Big Show. He put me over when I needed it so I have to put him over. Who cares? I’m not that guy. Just tell him we need 3 chokeslams and a punch, one, two, three. Great, I’ll do it. They threw a big stink about my hair. They said, ‘how dare you? How can you? Why didn’t you ask?’ Sorry, I’ll ask next time.”

Miro is in AEW now where it is very likely he has more freedom to look the way he wants to without worrying about a fine.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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