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WWE Hall Of Famer blasts Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon

While for many people, Shane McMahon’s jump from the top of the Hell In a Cell during the recent PPV of the same name was the highlight of the show, it appears not everybody is pleased with it.

WWE Hall OF Famer Billy Graham recently made a post on his Facebook account in which he blasted Shane for pulling off this spot during his match against Kevin Owens.

In the post, Billy called Shane a rich man’s foolish son and said that he has no sympathy for him for pulling the move for a worthless cheap pop:

Shane “Idiot” McMahon

“As always, the WWE will first lie to us, then when they get caught they tell the fans the truth. I consider Shane McMahon to be nothing more than a rich man’s foolish son. In a deliberate attempt to deceive us, the WWE released a statement that daddy’s little son was just fine after this leap below and now they have told us that he really is hurt. Disgusting and I have no sympathy for this spoiled brat and maybe he wont try to defy gravity ever again for a worthless, meaningless, and dumb as Hell cheap pop.”

The full post of Billy Graham can be seen below. What are your thoughts on Billy’s comments about Shane McMahon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Arnold Jackson

    He isn’t THAT hurt, if he is back next week.

  • Alton Lassiter

    Billy Graham’s dementia and cte is starting 2 kick in

  • Solid

    Some dude who’s jealous Shane is more relevant/popular than him.

  • Shane

    Billy who?