WWE Hall of Famer Knocks a Top WWE Star, Has Brief Exchange with Chris Jericho

– WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Von Erich had some comments about some of the top WWE Superstars on his Twitter account after watching the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view this weekend. Here are some of his comments:



“The WWE supercard last night was bad. The cage used to be for the blow off to a big feud. Now they use it to set up the next TV taping.Sad

Texas has produced some great talent…………….. Mark Henry is not one of them. Damn he is boring. Texas produced great talent like @ShawnMichaels_ . Although he was a real jerk as a human being. Undertaker is a true pro.

@WadeBarrett is a guy who would have fit in great in the old territory days.”

Von Erich also had a brief Twitter exchange with Chris Jericho after some comments he made. Theirs went like this:

Von Erich: “Chris Jericho is another guy I never saw anything in. He is a prima donna.”

Jericho: “At least i wore boots in the ring :)”

Von Erich: “But you didn’t wear a good attitude. I don’t mean to come down on @IAmJericho but he has an exaggerated opinion of his abilities. I might not have worn boots when I worked but I also didn’t get blonde highlights in my hair when I was in my 40s.”

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