WWE Hall Of Famer on a Women’s Royal Rumble

Ever since Becky Lynch talked about a Women’s Royal Rumble, people have not been able to stop themselves from discussing the possibilities about it and in the spring a WWE Hall Of Famer has also spoken up about this bout.



Former Women’s Champion Lita recently took part in a Q&A in Paris where she was asked about the possibility of a Royal Rumble match with only female participants.

Answering to it, the WWE Legend said that she would love to see a Women’s Rumble and there is no shortage of challengers to compete in this match:

“I would absolutely love if there was a Women’s Rumble. If anybody has seen the Mae Young Classic, has watched Ring of Honor, has watched these promotions around the world, there are no shortage of entrants of who could be in that Royal Rumble.”

It’s worth noting here that according to some reports, WWE is considering an all Women Rumble for the upcoming event in January, and it’d be interesting to see if the match actually takes place.

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