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WWE Hall of Famer believes that Cody Rhodes’ Moonsault from Dynamite was ‘selfish’

In the aftermath of this week’s edition of AEW: Dynamite, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray had some critical comments in regards to Cody Rhodes’ Moonsault from the first-ever Steel Cage Match in All Elite Wrestling history.

Rhodes defeated Wardlow by hitting a spectacular Moonsault from the top of the Steel Cage to get the pinfall win over the latter and despite Bully agreeing that the moment was ‘epic’, he felt that a spot as such should’ve been saved for the climax of Cody’s feud against MJF.

“Doing that moonsault last night was selfish, I’m bet on balls right. Because selfish, much like the word politicking in the wrestling business has a negative connotation. But it doesn’t have to. Selfish is good in wrestling, because sometimes you need to be selfish and selfish sometimes is patting yourself on your back and doing something for yourself that you want in your scrapbook for history.”

Following his win over Wardlow on Dynamite, Cody also addressed the crowd in Atalanta about the history of the Rhodes family in a city with such an immense amount of wrestling history. In the context of that, Bully believes that Cody pulled-off the Moonsault to create a moment for himself rather than add context to his on-going story.

“Atlanta, Dusty’s [Rhodes] town, now Cody’s town. I may never get to stand on top of a steel cage in Atlanta for the rest of my career. I don’t know what’s going to go down. So if this is my one and only chance to stand on top of that cage in a town with so much wrestling history; in a town that my family’s name is synonymous with? I’m doing it for myself.”

You can check out Bully Ray’s Busted Open Radio Podcast at this link.

  • Aaron Williams

    Smh do you even get what you are saying. They are a new company and until they establish other people the ones that are recognizable need to be at the forfront. But Guess what He didnt “squash” wardlow it was a hell of a match the showed what cody was willing to go through to get his hands on MJF. it plays more to the story then your willing to give it credit for because its not how YOU or wwe would do it. And if you paid attention to the bucs/omega storyline its leading towards a split in the Elite.

  • Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they usually stink.

  • CC

    For me the selfish part of this match was sadly what a lot of people were worried about to start with with this promotion, the Jeff Jarrett effect.
    These guys who run the company are booking themselves stronger than nearly the whole roster.
    Yes they have Jericho and Moxley at the top of the heap right now, but look at the tag titles. One team of Elite members vs another team of Elite members, and Cody gets a win over a guy making his in ring debut squashing the hype of Wardlow being this dominant monster type.

    I really wish they would take themselves out of the picture for a bit as outside the aforementioned Jericho/Mox feud, pretty much everything else revolves around the real “Inner Circle” of AEW.
    It is no wonder that the womens title has never actually felt that important, and actually feels kinda like the WWE womens division prior to the womens revolution malarky.

    Lets actually see some non-Elite wrestlers getting some more screen time, and getting some actual wins.