WWE Hall of Famer Calls Hulk Hogan ‘Dumb Pirate’

Hulk Hogan carries a lot of hate towards him both in and out of the the ring by fans and superstars alike. Actually, even WWE Hall Of Famer’s love to take shots at good old Hulkamania. Let’s dive into who this mystery Hall Of Famer could be. Hulk Hogan ‘Booed’ At WrestleMania For Racism.



When we think of trash talking Hall Of Famers, who do you think of? There’s a few that pop into my head. The Rock, Stone Cold, and countless others who worked a mic like no other. It doesn’t shock me and shouldn’t shock you that the person currently taking shots at Hulk Hogan is none-other than the Iron Sheik.

Yes, the Iron Sheik not only knows how to work Twitter, but he also is known for being forever in kayfabe at all times which he oozes onto his Twitter. Iron Sheik has now become a meme outside of the world of wrestling as well. Sheik scathed Hulk Hogan’s current WWE attire which is pirate attire since WWE’s gimmick for WrestleMania is a pirate theme as they are in Tampa Bay (Tampa’s team The Buccaneers).

The Iron Sheik stated the following about Hogan: “F*** THE HULK HOGAN HE LOOK LIKE A DUMB PIRATE SON OF A B**** #WRESTLEMANIA”

This sent Twitter on fire as tons of fans of The Iron Sheik screamed with glee with one fan stating: “Sheik never misses.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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