WWE Hall of Famer Challenges The Miz For WWE Title

Legendary WWE commentator and wrestling icon Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler recently took to social media via Twitter to seemingly challenge the brand new WWE Champion, The Miz to a match after WWE’s resident ‘A lister’ shocked everyone by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win his second WWE Championship. Lawler stated in the tweet that it wasn’t the first time he faced Miz for the WWE Championship, ironically facing him at the Elimination Chamber event back in 2011. Bobby Lashley just leaked this Miz WWE Championship storyline.



“Almost ten years ago, to the day, at #eliminationchamber2011 I wrestled @mikethemiz for the @WWE Title…I think it’s time for the rematch.”

In other news regarding The Miz, the current WWE champion recently sat down with TheWrap to discuss how he balances comedy with professional wrestling. He told the outlet the following..

“I used to be, like: ‘Well, Cena doesn’t ever do that. Orton doesn’t ever do that. I used to do this a lot. Now, I kind of understand. I don’t want this to sound arrogant or egotistical but I’m one of a kind. We’re all one of a kind. And just because one person doesn’t do something or another person doesn’t do this or do this or do this — doesn’t mean I can’t.” The Miz has a big name rumored WrestleMania opponent.

Miz continued: “I’m very versatile, where I can make you laugh, but I also can make you believe that I can whoop any single person that is in that ring at any given time,” he continued. “There’s a balance. I’m able to understand that balance, give that balance, and whenever I am in a serious type of situation, I’m able to make you understand that it’s serious to me. Just because I’m joking around, making you laugh, being a goof, does not mean I don’t have a serious side.”

Miz concluded by saying that it took him “a long time to figure that out,” adding: “A lot of people are one-trick ponies. I’m not.” This former WWE superstar got fired after a match with The Miz.

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