WWE Hall of Famer Goes Deaf After Hospitalization

Renowned for his captivating character portrayals and exceptional in-ring performances, “Superstar” Billy Graham is a highly regarded figure in the professional wrestling industry. His legendary feud with Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Heavyweight Championship is still celebrated as a highlight in wrestling history. Unfortunately, fans were left dismayed upon learning that Graham had been admitted to the hospital due to a serious bone infection. Regrettably, it appears that Graham’s health has only continued to deteriorate.



As previously reported, Graham’s wife informed the administrator of his Facebook page that he had developed a severe bone infection in his ears. This news was a cause for concern among fans, who feared the worst.

Graham has faced a number of health challenges over the years, resulting in multiple hospitalizations. However, despite these setbacks, his fans have remained steadfast in their support for him.

Recently, Graham was transferred out of the intensive care unit after a brief stay, and it was reported that his kidneys were functioning normally. However, he was then diagnosed with acute renal failure and was dealing with other challenging physical issues.

Sadly, the situation for Graham has only worsened. His wife Valerie took to Facebook to reveal that he is still struggling and has not yet returned home. She herself was in the emergency room over the weekend, still testing positive for COVID-19 and suffering from shortness of breath and severe coughing. Medical professionals advised her that the issue was inflammation and bronchitis caused by COVID-19. The situation is incredibly dire, and going through it alone has only made it harder for Valerie.

Valerie’s post described the difficult situation in detail, including Graham’s refusal to take his medication, confusion, depression, complete deafness, and substantial weight loss. She also expressed the financial burden of having to pay $200 a day out of pocket for Graham’s nursing facility care.

“Things are horribly difficult. Wayne is struggling and still not home. I was in the ER this weekend still testing positive for covid….shortness of breath….severe coughing….said it’s inflammation and bronchitis from covid….this is horrible and going through it alone is getting harder every day. I just had a call from the nursing facility and Wayne has refused all of his meds today….he’s dealing with a lot of confusion and depression. He’s still 100% deaf and has now lost 65 pounds….It’s breaking my heart not being able to see him. This Friday will be 12 weeks since he’s been home.

And now on top of everything else I have to figure out how to come up with his medicare copay….the nursing facility called this morning to tell me he’s reached the cap so now back to paying $200 a day out of pocket. I have no idea where that money will come from. Can get very overwhelming but I know the Lord is with us and He will provide. Thank you for your constant prayers.”

During this challenging time, we send our support and well wishes to Billy Graham and his loved ones. We hope that the Superstar will soon recover from his prolonged illness and we will keep you updated on his health status.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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