WWE Hall of Famer ‘In Poor Health’ At Induction

During the 2021 Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, rock and roll icon and celebrity inductee Ozzy Osbourne appeared virtually during the event. While that isn’t particularly noteworthy onto itself it was the length of content of the speech itself. The speech was particularly short and Osbourne was seen sitting down in what appeared to be a wheelchair. It’s safe to say that Osbourne did not look his best during this night. Ozzy was humble, saying he ‘didn’t deserve’ the induction and thanked Vince McMahon and Triple H. This top WWE superstar ‘botched’ their WWE Hall of Fame promo.



Fans reacted to Osbourne’s Hall of Fame speech by posting their thoughts on the Squared Circle subreddit. ThePeakyBlind3r stated: “I saw Ozzy headline Mosters of Rock at Donnington in 1996, he stumbled around the stage like an old man, then I saw Black Sabbath in my hometown of Birmingham, UK, where they are from too, in the early 2000s & Ozzy is still going.

Listen to that Brummie accent, can’t take the lad out of Aston!” Whereas CapitalsHockey put “Seeing him on stage with Post Malone a couple years ago made me tear up. The years haven’t been kind to the Prince of Darkness, so I really loved seeing him that happy”. While BarryDaviesEyes responded with : “Honestly I know Ozzy is an odd inductee but given his health issues, I’ll just be really happy to see the man.”

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