WWE Hall of Famer Quits Company Before Raw

It has been noted the merger between UFC and WWE has been completed which ended Vince McMahon’s historic era. Endeavor and WWE made the announcement that the deal has closed leading to the formation of TKO Group Holdings.



WWE recently had the first round of talent releases after completing their merger with UFC under TKO Group Holdings last month.

WWE released twenty wrestlers, including talent on the main roster and the developmental brand. It seemed the cuts were done on September 21 but WWE continued to release talent the following day. This means talent cuts, employee releases and other changes in WWE, which have transpired in recent weeks.

Pwinsider reports WWE Hall of Famer and Warrior Award recipient Rich Hering is no longer with the company after he quietly exited from WWE over the last week.

He was the Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Risk Management for over 50+ years, starting from the company’s days as the WWWF under Vince McMahon Sr. It has been noted that the word going around is that Hering chose to retire on his own terms, and this decision was not influenced by Endeavor or anyone else. Many people in the company wanted him to stay, but he decided to go.

Some fans may remember his on-screen appearance as the officiant for the Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth wedding in SummerSlam 1991.

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