WWE Hall of Famer Suffers Medical Scare, Matt Hardy Comments On New Diet

— Jim Ross announced on his official website that Sgt. Slaughter has been released from the hospital after becoming ‘light headed’ last week.



Slaughter, who is 62 years of age, participated in Wednesday’s filming of Legends of Wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter was hospitalized Wednesday night after not feeling well.

“The cause of Sarge’s discomfort was low blood level which was addressed and he should be good to go as I write this,” Ross wrote Friday. “Sarge was in great spirits Wednesday night after receiving medical care but was kept overnight for observation which is the norm for a matter such as this. Bottom line is that the WWE Hall of Famer will be fine after a few scary moments.”

Ross added on Twitter that Slaughter had a minor intestinal problem and will be fine.

— As seen on Friday’s episode of SmackDown, Cody Rhodes prefaced his match with Matt Hardy by verbally trashing the physical make-up of his impending opponent. During the bout, color commentator Matt Striker defended Hardy by saying can’t work out at the gym due to several injuries. Meanwhile, Hardy said on Twitter that the past several months have been frustrating for him, but now feels he has his “new” body figured out as it relates to dieting.

“After 8 months of having irregular digestion because of my intestinal issues, it’s been a uphill battle to find out what works for my body. It’s been frustrating cuz I train hard & haven’t gotten the same results I used to. But I think I’ve finally got my “new” body figured out,” Hardy wrote.

“Without going into long, boring details.. I think I know what “healthy” foods I can’t eat cuz my body & intestines can’t break them down. It’s been a tough, annoying, aggravating gig-esp when ur on TV every week & have my work ethic-but it’s finally working. Luv my true peeps!”

See *HUGE GUT* photo of Matt Hardy from last month ->

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