WWE ‘Have Pulled’ Drew McIntyre From Raw

If you were wondering why ‘The Scottish Warrior’ Drew McIntyre was not present during this week’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw you aren’t alone. The now former WWE Champion was suspiciously absent with not even a single mention of McIntyre during last night’s show. He was backstage, but pulled from appearing on the show, PWInsider.com report. Instead, this week’s Raw revolved around current WWE Champion – The Miz, and the the buildup toward a championship match between WWE’s resident ‘A Lister’ and the challenger, Hurt Business member Bobby Lashley. WWE ‘refused’ to tell McIntyre he would lose.



Lashley ended up giving Miz an ultimatum which lead to a match set up by Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce between Braun Strowman, who demanded a shot vs ‘The Almighty’. Which Strowman lost. Had Braun won he would have had been added to the Lashley’s championship title match against The Miz.

WWE’s creative led to Big Show just quitting for AEW after Randy Orton disrespect, and creative also kept McIntyre off TV. McIntyre being absent from Raw has a very real explanation as Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio made sense of the entire situation during a recent edition on why WWE have pulled McIntyre for now from Raw.

“No mention of his name pretty much. Well, I think that the feeling is that if he was on the show then he’d have to kill Miz and they didn’t want him killing Miz this week, because what would you do with him on the show if your direction was Lashley getting a title shot next week?”

Meltzer continued: “I mean the thing is him being there would have been a negative because then you’ll be going, ‘Why didn’t he get a title shot? And why isn’t he beating up Miz immediately because he’s the one who got screwed. Why isn’t he beating up Lashley for screwing him?”

Credit to RingsideNews for the quotes.

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