WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 results

WWE’s Hell In A Cell 2019 pay-per-view took place at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA on October 6th.



– Fans are currently being seated in the Golden 1 Center, and the Kickoff Show will begin shortly.

Kickoff Show results:

– Jonathan Coachman welcomes us to the Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show, and he’s joined by Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. They start going over the card for tonight’s show.

– Women’s Tag Team Champs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross join the panel for a brief interview, and they question why Asuka and Kairi Sane deserve a Title shot.

– Charlotte is backstage for a brief interview where she talks trash about Bayley ahead of their match tonight.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans: Natalya starts off with a side headlock takedown on Lacey. Lacey fights up with kicks and a hammer lock. They fight goes out to ringside, where Lacey throws Natalya into the ring steps. Lacey starts working over Natalya’s knee now. She puts Natalya’s leg across the ring steps and starts stomping on it. Back in the ring, Lacey continues the offense and looks for the Sharpshooter, but Natalya fights out. Lacey fires back with slaps and chops now, then continues working over Natalya’s left knee. Lacey looks for the Sharpshooter again, but Natalya kicks her away. Lacey fires back with some kicks of her own now, and Natalya tries to fight back, but Lacey shuts her down with a discus clothesline. Lacey looks for a springboard moonsault and misses. Natalya follows up with the Sharpshooter and Lacey taps out for the finish.

Winner: Natalya

– After the match, Natalya drops Lacey again with a right hand.

– We go to a video package looking at SmackDown’s debut on FOX.

– Ali is backstage for an interview. He talks about suffering some setbacks in his career, but he’s hoping to have some momentum soon. Randy Orton interrupts and says he’s the one who stomped out Ali’s momentum. Ali says they should go out to the ring tonight and find out who’s got the momentum. Orton says “you’re on.”

– Rowan gets stopped backstage for an interview, but it doesn’t seem like he’s in the mood.

– The panel talks about Tyson Fury accepting an invitation to an open mic on RAW tomorrow night, and then we go to more promo videos for tonight’s show. The Kickoff Show is coming to a close, and it’s time for Hell In A Cell up next.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Results:

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks: Becky’s RAW Women’s Championship in on the line in this one. The cell starts lowering, but before it hits the ground, Sasha blindsides Becky and knocks her out to ringside. They fight out under the hanging cell and on to the ramp, where Sasha suplexes Becky. Becky fights back with kicks, and she takes Sasha in through the Cell door now. Becky drops Sasha, then she chains the Cell door shut by herself. Becky dominates the next several moments of the match, and bashes Sasha with a steel chair. They fight back into the ring, and there is now a chair and table in the ring. Becky sends Sasha face-first into the steel chair, then outside into the cell wall. Sasha finally fights back with a kick at ringside, an then she hits a flying knee strike off the apron, and Becky crashes back into a ladder laying against the cell. Sasha throws the ladder down on Becky on the ringside floor. Sasha starts working over Becky’s shoulder now, then she slams Becky’s arm inside of a steel chair. Sasha misses a shot on the apron, and Becky slams Sasha into the ring post now. They fall out to ringside, and Becky hits a t-bone suplex on Sasha into the cage wall. Back in the ring, Becky drop-toe-holds Sasha into an unfolded upside-down chair. She slams Sasha’s face into the chair again for a two count. They fight back and forth out to ringside, and Becky puts Sasha in front of a chair, then dropkicks her into the chair against the corner of the cage. Back in the ring, they fight on the turnbuckle, which leads to Sasha hitting a double flying knee strike on Becky through a table. Sasha pins for a two count, and she can’t believe Becky kicked out. Sasha misses a shot, and Becky starts firing back with repeated kendo stick shots now. Becky misses a shot and Sasha slams her into the cage wall. Sasha throws Becky back in the ring, and she starts throwing a bunch of chairs in the ring too. Sasha starts nailing Becky with a steel chair, then she takes her into the corner. Becky turns things around on the turnbuckle and superplexes Sasha on to all of the chairs laying in the ring. Becky then applies the Disarm-her and Sasha taps out for the finish.

Winner & still Champion: Becky Lynch

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. Rowan & Harper: This one is now a tornado tag team match. The opening bell sounds and the two teams start brawling in the ring. Bryan goes down, and now Harper and Rowan double-team Reigns. Reigns fights back with a big boot, and he dumps Harper out to ringside. Rowan dumps Reigns outside, then Bryan hits a missile dropkick off the top on Rowan. Bryan follows up with a suicide dive on Harper at ringside. Reigns then hits a superman punch on Harper at ringside. Back in the ring, Harper and Reigns are the legal men now. Harper gets the blind tag and drops Reigns with a big boot. Harper and Rowan knock Bryan down and double team Reigns. Bryan runs back in the ring, but Rowan and Harper immediately drop him and dump him back outside. Reigns comes back over and starts brawling with Harper and Rowan out to ringside now. Harper and Rowan double team Reigns with the steel ring steps now. Back in the ring, Rowan starts working over Daniel Bryan. Harper comes in for the double team now. Harper and Rowan look for the Doomsday Device on Bryan, but Reigns comes in and breaks it up. Harper goes back to beating on Bryan in the ring now. Bryan fights back and puts Rowan in the Yes Lock, but Harper breaks it up. Harper and Rowan do a double team slam on Bryan for a two count. Bryan starts fighting back again and dumps Harper outside. Bryan misses a shot on Rowan, and Rowan hits a sit-out powerbomb on Bryan. Rowan pins, but Reigns breaks it up. Reigns starts cleaning house now and hits a flying clothesline on Harper. Reigns and Harper go at it at ringside now, and Bryan starts laying into Harper with kicks in the ring. Rowan pulls Bryan out to ringside and drops him, but then Reigns hits a Drive By kick on Harper to drop him. Harper then comes flying out of the ring with a dive on Reigns, and now all four men are down at ringside. Rowan and Harper get up first, and they slam Bryan into the ring apron first. Harper now picks up Rowan, and he slams his own partner on top of Reigns’ body at ringside. Harper rips a piece of he barricade off and nails Reigns with it, and Reigns falls out into the crowd. Rowan and Harper take Bryan up on top of an announce table at ringside now, but Bryan fights out and gives Harper a huricanrana off the table onto the floor. Reigns then comes flying off the barricade with a spear on Rowan through the table. Back in the ring, Bryan looks for a Frankensteiner on Harper off the top turnbuckle, but Harper reverses it into a flying sit-out powerbomb off the middle rope. Harper pins for a two count. Harper starts hitting a series of suplexes on Bryan now. Bryan reverses one, and Reigns runs in the ring and Superman punches Harper. Bryan hits the running knee on Harper, then Reigns hits a spear on him for the three count.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns

– After the match, Bryan goes to shake Reigns’ hand, but Bryan pulls away his hand at the last minute. Bryan instead wants a hug, but Reigns is hesitant. The crowd chants “yes” and Reigns hugs him.

– Universal Champion Seth Rollins is backstage for a brief interview. He says he’s ready for Bray Wyatt’s mind games tonight, and he’s going to burn it down.

Randy Orton vs. Ali: Orton and Ali start off trading arm holds, and Orton backs Ali into the corner for a big chop to the chest. Orton continues the offense and dumps Ali down to the ringside floor. Orton rolls outside and suplexes Ali on to the announce table twice. Back in the ring, Orton puts the boots to Ali on the mat, then takes him back out to ringside. Orton throws Ali into the ring steps, and Ali has a massive bruise on his ribs now. Ali finally starts fighting back, and things spill out to ringside again. Ali sends Orton flying over the announce table, then he takes Orton back in the ring. Ali starts getting some offensive in on Orton in the ring now, but Orton shuts him down with a spinning powerslam. Ali fires back with a spinning heel kick, and then he goes up to the top rope. Ali looks for the 054, but Orton rolls out of the way. Orton looks for the RKO, but Ali escapes. Ali comes back with a tornado DDT now. Ali goes up top and goes for the 054, but he misses again and crashes down to the mat. Orton hits the draping DDT from the middle rope now. Orton looks for the RKO, but Ali counters it and starts fighting back. Ali boots Orton in the face, and then he flips towards Orton for something, but Orton catches him in mid-air with an RKO. Orton covers for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs. Kairi Sane & Asuka: The Women’s Tag Titles are on the line in this one. Asuka and Kairi control the opening moments of this one. Alexa finally starts turning it around against Asuka, and she hits a pair of knee drops. Alexa hits some loud slaps on Asuka, then rolls her up for a two count. Nikki tags in for the double team on Asuka now. The fight spills out to ringside and Asuka drops Alexa with a kick. She throws Alexa into the barricade and kicks her again. Back in the ring, Asuka continues beating down Alexa. Nikki finally gets the hot tag and cleans house, and she starts going at it with Kairi. Kairi fights back and looks for a flying elbow drop, but Nikki gets her knees up to drop it. Asuka tags in and starts throwing kicks at Nikki, but Nikki blocks one and fires back with a clothesline. Alexa drops Kairi at ringside, but meanwhile in the ring Asuka spits a green mist in Nikki’s face, then kicks her and pins for the three count.

Winners & new Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kairi & Asuka

The Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman vs. The OC: The OC double teams Ivar in the opening moments of this one, but he fights out and tags in Erik. Erik starts cleaning house now until AJ gets involved and they overpower Erik. AJ knocks Ivar off the apron, then he tries to knock Braun off, but Braun doesn’t go down. Gallows pulls Braun out to ringside and superkicks him. Anderson tags in and continues the offense on Erik. AJ tags in but Erik shuts him down with a back body drop. Braun gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house. Braun hits a big running splash on AJ in the corner. He clears the ring, then runs around ringside and shoulder tackles his opponents one by one. Braun misses a spear on AJ in the corner and hits the ring post. AJ takes out Braun’s knee now and looks for the Calf Crusher. AJ locks in the Calf Crusher, but Erik breaks it up. Gallows kicks Erik out to ringside, then Ivar clotheslines Gallows outside. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Ivar, then he squares off with Braun. AJ looks for a splash in the corner but misses. Braun looks for the running powerslam, but Anderson and Gallows run in now and break it up. The referee has trouble restoring order, and this one falls apart. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: The Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman

– After the match, The Viking Raiders clear the ring and drops Gallows and Anderson at ringside. AJ and Braun are alone in the ring now. AJ leaps from the top rope for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Braun knocks AJ out of mid-air with right hand to the face. AJ acts knocked out after as Gallows and Anderson walk him to the back.

– The Street Profits are backstage cutting a promo about tonight’s show. R-Truth and Carmella interrupt, and Tamina Snuka follows and rolls up Carmella from behind for the three count. Tamina is now the 24/7 Champion. Tamina punches out Tyler Breeze on her way out of the backstage area.

Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable: Gable cuts a promo before the match, talking about how he put The Rock in his place on SmackDown, and then he starts making height jokes about Gable. Corbin says he is renaming him to Shorty Gable. The opening bell sounds and Gable immediately takes the fight to Corbin. Gable hits a cartwheel kick and a suplex, then he pummels on Corbin’s face. Corbin starts fighting back, but Gable catches him in an ankle lock. Corbin fights out, but Gable clotheslines him back down and pummels on him. Gable applies a sleeper hold, but Corbin fights out and throws Gable into the ring post. Corbin controls the next several moments of this one. Corbin looks for a superplex off the turnbuckle, but Gable fights him off and hits a missile dropkick. Gable looks for a flying crossbody, but Corbin turns it into a spinebuster for a two count. Gable comes back with a huricanrana now and a dropkick. Gables starts working over Corbin’s knee, but Corbin comes back with the Deep Six. Corbin pins but Gable gets out at 2. Gable looks for the End of Days, but Gable fights out and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Gable goes up top and hits a moonsault for a two count. Gable applies the ankle lock, but Corbin reaches the ropes then rolls outside. Gable follows him out, but Corbin grabs him and chokeslams him on the apron. Corbin grabs his scepter from ringside and swings at Gable, but misses. The ref grabs the weapon, and Gable rolls up Corbin from behind for the three count.

Winner: Chad Gable

– The ring announcer says that the winner is “Shorty Gable.”

– Tamina Snuka is being chased near the international announcers. Tamina uses Funaki as a human shield, but then Carmella superkicks Tamina. Truth pins Tamina to win the 24/7 Title back. He takes the strap and runs off with Carmella.

Charlotte vs. Bayley (c): Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s title is on the line in this one. Charlotte starts off strong in this one and drops Bayley. Charlotte applies a Boston Crab until Bayley grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Bayley pokes Charlotte in the eye and the ref doesn’t see it. Bayley takes over now and starts pummeling on Charlotte with right hands. Charlotte fights back with a clothesline and some chops to the chest. Bayley tries to mount a comeback and she starts working over Charlotte’s knee. The fight spills out to ringside, and it appears Charlotte is bleeding from the nose. Charlotte takes control and brings things back in the ring now. Charlotte misses a big boot near the ropes, and Bayley rolls her up. Bayley puts her legs on the ropes for the illegal advantage on the pin, but the ref sees it and stops counting. The ref tells Bayley to get down, and this leads to Charlotte dropping Bayley and putting her in the Figure Eight. Bayley taps out for the finish, and we have a new Champion.

Winner & new SmackDown Women’s Champion: Charlotte

– Charlotte celebrates on the stage as Bayley freaks out at ringside. Bayley starts crying on the ringside floor.

– Gable does an interview backstage where he says you can call him “Shorty” or whatever else you want, as long as you call him the winner of the match. Gable says that Corbin didn’t know when to quit, and Corbin fell up short tonight. Gable says beating Corbin tonight was a big deal, and he was the bigger man tonight. As Gable is walking away, Corbin runs out of a door and blindsides him. Corbin beats down Gable and leaves him laying.

Seth Rollins (c) vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: Seth’s Universal Title is on the line for this one. There are only red lights on in the ring right now. Wyatt is in charge in the opening moments of this one, and Rollins rolls outside to regroup. Rollins grabs a kendo stick. Rollins brings it in the ring and starts nailing Wyatt with the stick, but Wyatt no-sells it. Wyatt dumps Rollins outside and beats him down at ringside now. It’s still dark with only red lights on. Wyatt throws Rollins into the ring steps, then yells at the camera man. Rollins finally starts fighting back, and he picks up the ring steps and nails Wyatt with them. Rollins puts a table in the ring, then he hits a suicide dive on Wyatt at ringside into the Cell wall. Rollins hits another dive on him, then whips Wyatt into the ring steps. Rollins looks for another shot on Wyatt, but Wyatt catches him and gives him the Sister Abigail into the Cell wall. Wyatt brings Rollins in the ring and takes him over to the table. Rollins fights back and boots Wyatt in the hed twice. Wyatt falls on to the table, and Rollins goes to the top rope. Rollins hits a flying splash off the top on Wyatt through the table. Rollins hits a superkick and then the Curb Stomp, but Wyatt gets right back up to his feet. Rollins looks for another shot, but Wyatt catches him and hits the Sister Abigail. Wyatt pins but Rollins gets out at 2. Wyatt pummels on Rollins now and twists his neck around like he tried to break it. The announcers point out that it looks like Rollins in convulsing on the mat. They go out to ringside, and Wyatt pulls a giant wooden mallet out from under the ring. Wyatt nails Rollins in the midsection with the mallet. Rollins fights back with a superkick, and then he Curb Stomps Wyatt on to the mallet. Back in the ring, Rollins hits two flying knees off the top, but Wyatt barely sells them. Rollins hits two superkicks and Wyatt goes down to a knee. Rollins hits a Curb Stomp, then another, and another. The Fiend is still moving, so Rollins runs over and hits the Pedigee. Rollins hits another Curb Stomp now. Rollins pins, but The Fiend kicks out at one. Rollins hits a superkick and another curb stomp, then another two curb stomps. Rollins hits more and more curb stomps on Wyatt. Rollins grabs a chair from under the ring and brings it in. Rollins smashes the chair over Wyatt’s head and pins, but Wyatt kicks out at one again. Rollins grabs a tool box from under the ring and brings it in. Rollins lays a ladder and a steel chair over Wyatt’s face, then he starts beating on them with the tool box. Rollins then lays the tool box on the ladder, then rolls back out to ringside. Rollins grabs a sledgehammer and brings it in the ring. The ref begs Rollins not to do it, but Rollins smashes the sledgehammer on all of the objects on top of Wyatt’s head. The ref calls for the bell. It’s unsure whether this is a DQ, no contest, or TKO.

Winner: No contest:

– After the match, medics and referees hit the ring and immediately clear the rubble and start loading The Fiend on to a stretcher. Rollins walks over to Bray, but Bray reaches up and puts him in the mandible claw. They fight out to ringside and Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on the ringside floor. Wyatt pulls some of the padding off the ringside floor, then gives Rollins the Sister Abigail on to the concrete. Wyatt applies the mandible claw on Rollins again, and now it appears Rollins is bleeding from the mouth. The lights start flashing, and then they go to black. The lights start flashing again and we see a close-up on The Fiend’s face. We hear Wyatt’s laugh as the screen goes to black again and Hell In A Cell goes off the air.

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