WWE House Show Report 3-13 Stockton, CA

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So the Show started at 7:30 and the line was packed all the way around to the arena. We seen a Few wrestlers arrive and notably one of them was none other than Serena. She arrived with Mike Knox and his girlfriend (I believe). She was busy getting her bags out of the trunk out of her car, but laid it aside and went to meet us. I called her name before this because no one else did, lol. She came up to me and said “Hey, hows it going”, which I replied to as “Great!”. I was sort of speechless because I didn’t know what else to say and didn’t have anything else for her to sign. She was personable and very very nice. Mike Knox also signed a few autographs as well. It was time for her to go and she told all the fans she was sorry since she has to rush to the back. CM Punk and Beth arrived together with someone driving them. I yelled out Beth’s name, but she really didn’t give me any attention or look at any of the fans. Booo! haha. Luke Gallows looked upset or maybe thats how his face is like, I’m not sure. That was about it of the superstars we seen. We met John Morrison earlier in the day at a signing. He was very cool and you can check out more of that in the “Hang Out” section. Anyways onto the show: The Place was jam packed and the Crowd was HOT all night for most of the matches.

(1) WWE Tag Team Match- R-Truth/John Morrison vs Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya.
This match got the crowd heavily excited as it was the first match. The baby faces got the crowd rolling on their feet especially R Truth. While Hart Dynasty was making their entrance, Natalya got into the face of R Truth and mocked his dance moves for a while. It was hilarious to see in person as she never does that on tv. lol. Tyson Kidd and DH Smith were toying with the crowd while Natalya was busy getting the crowd to boo her at every moment, You can tell she was loving every minute of it. R Truth won with the Lie Detector to start off a really good tag match.
**Winner: R Truth/John Morrison**

*Chimmel introduced Tiffany as Tonight’s Hostess who came out to Torrie Wilson’s theme song, she was in a pink mini dress which brought her a lot of catcalls from the people in the crowd. She begins to rile up the crowd and tells Stockton if they are ready tonight. She looks for a special timekeeper for this next match and chooses a little boy sitting in the front row. He had a “Today is my Birthday” sign held up so you can already guess he was going to get chosen, lol.

(2) Dolph Ziggler vs Goldust:
Dolph Ziggler was playing to the crowd doing his little hair flick or whatever its called. Goldust won with a Frankensteiner type of move which looked really good to see in person. Crowd cheered for him which I thought was surprising during the entire match.
**Winner: Goldust**

*After the match, Ezekiel Jackson comes out and attacks Goldust for no apparent reason, unless state otherwise. Matt Hardy ran out and chased off Ezekiel to which this next match-up begins..

(3) Matt Hardy vs Ezekiel Jackson:Jackson is crazy big in person, he basically dominated part of the match until Matt made a comeback but fell to the defeat of Ezekial Jackson. He did the Rock Bottom type of finisher to win the match.
**Winner: Ezekiel Jackson**

(4) Tyler Reks vs Jimmy Wang Yang:
The crowd sort of dies down for this match, Tyler got a bunch of “who is that” remarks by the crowd. Jimmy Wang Yang tried his hardest to get the crowd going and it worked. Tyler was toying with the crowd for a bit, and that somewhat worked for him a little. Tyler won the match, but I forgot by what.
**Winner: Tyler Reks**

(5) WWE Intercontinental Championship Match- Drew Mcintyre(c) vs Kane:
Before the match, Drew ripped apart Stockton saying we were Number 2 Worst City in the world(Which is right), and continued to bombard the fans in order to get Great Heat from the crowd. Crowd absolutely hated him at this point. Kane came out and we were all cheering for him to kick Drew’s ass. The match ended in a Double Disqualification when both wrestlers were brawling outside to the 10-count. Post Match saw Kane choke slam Drew to send him straight to the gates of he–. Kane picked up the Intercontinental Championship belt to get an ovation from the fans.
**Winner: Double Disqualification, Drew Mcintyre is STILL Intercontinental Champion**


(6) Shad Gaspard (w/ JTG) vs Mike Knox:
During the match, Mike Knox Big-Booted JTG upon sending him to the floor. JTG got back up while the referee was distracted and slapped Mike Knox in the back just in time for Shad to hit the Big Boot for the pinfall.
**Winner: Shad Gaspard**

*Tiffany came back out to Throw some WWE T-shirts to the crowd when Michelle McCool interrupted her. Michelle got Good amount of Heat since she was on the mic spoiling all the fun. She said that no one came here to see Tiffany, not the first two times that she came out and not right now. She tells Tiffany to do everyone a favor and close her mouth. She says its girls like Tiffany that disgust her and continues to boast about herself to the crowds demise. At this point, my area started a “Fight” chant and wanted to see the two go at it. Michelle points at the outside barriers and tells Tiffany that she belongs on the other side of the barrier. This is where the funny part begins, Michelle takes a dig at Tiffany’s outfit saying to the fans they can go on any street corner to find someone like Tiffany out there. Michelle continues to insult Tiffany and says what she is wearing is normal continuing to praise that she is Flawless, Simply Flawless. She tells Tiffany if she is going to pay for her ticket, or better yet Michelle says she will make Tiffany pay. Michelle pushes Tiffany down and continues to kick her ass. Beth Phoenix comes out for the save which leads to this match…

(7) WWE Womens Championship Match: Michelle McCool(c) vs Beth Phoenix:
Pretty good action early on, Beth Phoenix dominated most of the match for the most part. At one point, Michelle leaves the match to run to the back and Beth goes off to chase her. Beth Phoenix does a Stalling suplex and bounces Michelle’s Legs to the ropes to send her to the canvas. Beth Irish whips Michelle to the corner and Beth butt crushes her onto that corner. Michelle at this point is on the outside of the ropes, Beth goes to chase her and Michelle delivers a viscous kick that pretty much knocks Beth out for the pinfall. Michelle wins the match and Beth sells the kick good in a short Three Minute Match.
**Winner and STILL WWE Womens Champion: Michelle McCool

*Chimmel thanked all of us for coming out tonight and hoped to come back in the near future. This brings out the Straight Edge Society who came out to heavy boos, mainly for CM Punk. CM Punk couldn’t get much of a word in as he was booed so much. Luke Gallows and Serena both got on the mic and told the crowd to Shut Up and be respectful. Punk directed a few insults to the crowd and did the usual routine just to get more boos. This brought out World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho who got a Mixed reaction. Edge came out to loud cheers, Rey came out to an INSANE pop. There were a ton of Rey fans here today so that was pretty much expected. And what surprised me the most was that the Undertaker came! Undertaker came out maybe to an even amount of cheers like Rey, but I would call it about the same if not more.

(8) Six Man Tag Team Match – World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Luke Gallows (w/ Serena) vs Edge, Rey Mysterio, and The Undertaker:
Crowd was heavily pumped up for this main event. We were all yelling for the Undertaker to get tagged. Chris Jericho and CM Punk got good heat for beating up on the fan favorite Rey Mysterio, even stepping on him at consecutive times. Undertaker seemed genuily happy to be there as he got a Water Bottle and started pouring it all over his face which got the crowd to cheer even more. He cleaned house and all Three faces did their finishers to end the match and to send the fans home happy. I was certainly marking out and lost my voice at this point, lol.
**Winners: Edge, Rey Mysterio, and The Undertaker**

Biggest Pops:
(1) The Undertaker
(2) Rey Mysterio
(3) Edge
(4) Kane
(5) R Truth/ John Morrison

Biggest Heat:
(1) CM Punk
(2) Chris Jericho
(3) Drew Mcintyre
(4) Hart Dynasty

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