WWE Huge Shows To Leave Peacock?

There have been questions about when WWE will resume their documentaries on the WWE Network and Peacock as with the exception of their 9/11 documentary. It has been noted that there haven’t been any new shows lately released for several months despite documentaries being fully complete (Lex Luger, Vladimir the Superfan, etc.) and others in the middle of being worked on (The Nexus).  Bobby Lashley Leaving WWE RAW?



WWE shows could leave Peacock

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported about this. He said that there have been talks within the company in recent weeks that the documentaries may be getting shopped around to see about outside interest for them on other streaming or broadcast networks. A&E seems to make the most sense given how successful the WWE Biography specials were over the summer, but we have been unable to confirm 100% that any talks are ongoing, just that WWE is interested in exploring that strategy.

“When they licensed the WWE Network that there would be no commercials during the live streams of WWE PPV events, Peacock inserted commercials during a number of ring entrances at the Extreme Rules PPV this past Sunday.  We are told this was a Peacock move, not something WWE had any involvement in. Those who get the free or Premium tiers saw the commercials while those subscribing to Premium Plus did not.”

There have been failed attempts to get clarification or comments from Peacock this week. The October vintage drop on the WWE Network and Peacock will either be more WWF Superstars episodes from the 1990s or potentially a new round of WWE Old School episodes made up of content from WWE house shows.  The final decision should be made shortly.

It seems that Crown Jewel is currently the only WWE special listed internally for the month of October with Peacock.

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